Simbol Materials LLC

Simbol Materials LLC

Simbol, Inc. is the sustainable materials technology company. We are empowering clean energy and advancing the electric vehicle revolution with the world’s highest performing lithium, manganese, and zinc battery materials. Our materials are produced from the most prolific hydrothermal brine resource in the world, providing competitive, reliable, scalable, and sustainable supply for your materials needs.

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6920 Koll Center Pkwy., Ste. 216 , Pleasanton , CA 94566 USA

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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Who We Are
Simbol, Inc. began with a vision – to be the sustainable materials technology company producing the world’s highest performing lithium, manganese and zinc materials for electric vehicles, energy storage, agriculture, and other critical industrial applications. We bring sustainability and true differentiation to the materials market.

Our Story
Producing lithium and other critical materials from geothermal brines is a panacea – leveraging geothermal power production, the best source of renewable energy, with Simbol's groundbreaking technology to co-produce critical materials needed for Electric Vehicles and other important industrial applications.

At Simbol, Inc., we brought together the leading experts in geothermal and battery materials technology to create the world’s first-ever integrated process to produce critical materials by partnering with geothermal power producers in Southern California’s Imperial Valley. We apply our innovative and proprietary technology to the most prolific mineral-rich brine source in the world, resulting in a transformational method for competitively producing the highest performing materials from a secure, scalable, and sustainable resource base. With our proprietary bolt-on technology, Simbol, Inc. and the Salton Sea will yield many decades of lithium, manganese, and zinc materials securing our critical materials future.

Our Current and Future Successes
The commercialization of our technology began with a demonstration facility in 2010 and has led to the opening of the world’s highest purity lithium carbonate plant in September 2011. Simbol, Inc. is currently preparing to break ground on its first commercial lithium plant. Manganese and zinc performance battery materials production, making Simbol, Inc. the ‘one-stop’ source for critical materials used in energy storage.

Strong Leadership is a Critical Element of Our Continued Success
Our leadership team brings deep expertise in energy storage materials, geothermal technology, specialty materials synthesis and manufacturing, combined with extensive industrial experience and proven success in R&D and operations.

Our innovative and proprietary materials technology enables us to competitively supply the highest performing, custom-engineered materials that are green and sustainable – a competitive edge demanded by today’s global marketplace.

Battery Markets
The latest generation of electric vehicle batteries requires extremely high purity lithium and manganese – key to maximizing battery cycle-life and safety, while lowering manufacturing costs. Simbol, Inc.’ high purity lithium carbonate (Li2CO3), lithium hydroxide (LiOH), and other battery precursors have been specifically developed for use in lithium-ion batteries. With our secure, reliable, and scalable process, we can keep pace with growing global demand.

Industrial Markets
Demand for critical, sustainable materials is growing across all markets impacting supply chains. Consequently, producers of specialty metals, greases, glass, agricultural additives, and other industrial products are searching for sources of sustainable, high performance ingredients. At Simbol, Inc., our family of lithium carbonates (Li2CO3), lithium hydroxides (LiOH), manganese Sulfate (MnSO4), Zinc Chlorides (ZnCl2) and other critical industrial materials answer that need.

Specialty Markets
Pharmaceutical, semiconductor and other fine and specialty chemical manufacturers also need a reliable and secure source of high quality lithium, manganese and zinc compounds. The highly regulated pharmaceutical markets in particular must meet demanding purity specifications and supply chain management requirements. Simbol, Inc. offers the highest purity products, and understands the importance of quality, consistency, and reliability – the essence of Simbol, Inc.’s sustainable materials technology advantage.