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  • VOC and Odour Control System

    VOC and Odour Control System

    Protecting the environment has become perhaps the single most important issue facing us today. Environmental pollution and degradation take place in all sorts of ways, with industrial processes contributing a significant amount of damage.

  • Plasma Waste Disposal System

    Plasma Waste Disposal System

    Total destruction of waste chemicals and gases at lower cost: a system of disposal that breaks new ground technologically, environmentally and financially. Industrial pollution and odour control specialists Simdean Envirotec have been made exclusive UK agents for a pioneering new plasma-based system for treating hazardous waste. Developed in Israel by environmental specialists EST, the system completely destroys hazardous waste whilst reducing...

  • Tanks, Vessels & Bunds

    Tanks, Vessels & Bunds

    In addition to our pollution control systems and plasma waste elimination process, we specialise in corrosion resistant thermoplastic and GRP-clad tanks and process vessels, all of which we custom design and manufacture, taking into account such factors as content density, chemical compatibility, storage temperature and required capacity.