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  • Recycling

  • Simolin - Model SG-16 - Briquetting Machine

    Simolin - Model SG-16 - Briquetting Machine

    SG-16 briquetting machine has high quality and it is the result of a long research and development process. The machine works automatically and controls its own functions. It is a good and environmental-friendly solution for processing and refining different kinds of bulky materials.

  • Simolin - Model VM-125 - Force Feeding Crusher

    Simolin - Model VM-125 - Force Feeding Crusher

    Package waste; The facilities, shopping malls and factories that handle a lot of packages create big amounts of carton board-, paper- and wood waste, which takes a lot of space as well. The package waste can be crushed before briquetting it. The briquettes can be reused as a fuel in energy production.

  • Tower

  • Simolin - Tube tower with Hydraulic Lift

    Simolin - Tube tower with Hydraulic Lift

    Simolin Water & Energy Ltd has launched a MODULAR mast family which offers you superior advantages. Just select a CIRRUS Mast according to the purpose of use.

  • Simolin - Lattice Tower

    Simolin - Lattice Tower

    IPK-7 Self supporting lattice module mast, fulfill Eurocode III. Strong but light lattice module mast with bolted construction. Carefully designed modules are fabricated specially selected high grade steel and they are hot dip galvanized with minimum life time expectancy of 25 years. Design and strength calculation according Eurocode III.

  • Simolin - Floodlight Tower

    Simolin - Floodlight Tower

    Floodlighting Tower; High quality at economical price. Erection height from 3 m to 36 m. Available with movable concrete base. Including hinge in the foundation. Designed according to Eurocode standard. All parts hot dip galvanized, life time 25 years. Applications for lighting, video surveillance, antennas, etc.

  • Clean Water

  • Simolin - Water Pump Station

    Simolin - Water Pump Station

    Solar and wind energy pump station. 10kW solar and 10 kW wind. Wind-powered water pumping station. The pump station produce needed electricity with solar cells 2-20 kW or more..

  • Other

  • Simolin - Heli-flight Versioning System

    Simolin - Heli-flight Versioning System

    Fully-automated flying and manual flying vehicle. Take off in place, land or water. Top speed 500 km/h. Take off in runway, when heavy load. Quick move and agile.