Simple Leadership Strategies

Simple Leadership Strategies, (SLS) provides BOP safety, performance, and leadership training to Drilling Contractors and Operators in the Oil and Gas industry. We transform organizational cultures through the execution of simple strategies that when applied improves safety, increases profitability, team collaboration, reduces unplanned pulls, and unnecessary downtime.

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4500 Mercantile Plaza Drive , Ft Worth , TX USA

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Training provider
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Oil, Gas & Refineries
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Internationally (various countries)

An exceptional manager can oversee a given task or project in a planned, organized and controlled manner.  For an exceptional leader, people are willing to walk through walls.  To create lasting change, one must have the capacity to inspire transformation.  If you're the boss of talented people that your competitors will gladly hire, being only one of the above is simply not enough – we need to be Transformational Leader-Managers.  But don’t just take our word for it.

Our global research combined with a study done by global market research company, TNS, has shown us the following statistics.

Two out of every three workers do not identify with or feel motivated to drive their employers business goals and objectives.

Which leads to the question: Why?
You may have heard the phrase, 'people don't leave their jobs, they leave their bosses.' Is that a fair or relative statement?