Simple Solutions Dist LLC is a registered small business founded in 2003 and located in the state of New Jersey. The manufacturer of the Wolverine Brand of activated Carbon filters, our products are utilized for air stream filtration with a focus on the waste-water odor caused by hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas emissions. Primary focus is on the solution to problems associated with landfill odor, septic tank odor, lift station odor. We manufacture a complete line of activated carbon filters for a variety of VOC contaminates. Filters range in size from small plumbing vent filters to 700 lb carbon capacity vapor phase adsorbers. Our 20 LB Wolverine Brand Mega “T” is our most popular lift station vent filter providing economical odor control for pennies a day.

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6 Jacobs Road , West Milford , New Jersey 07480 USA

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Air and Climate - Air Pollution Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)
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less than $1,000,000 US

Simple Solutions Distributing LLC is a registered small business founded in 2003 and located in the state of New Jersey. Our focus is on residential and municipal wastewater odor control caused by hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas emissions from things like lift station odor, septic tank odor and landfill odor. Our brand is the Wolverine Industrial Vapor Phase Adsorber. More commonly known as odor scrubbers or air scrubbers, our standard units range in flow rates from 0 to 700 CFM with larger air scrubber systems available as special order. As a full service odor control supplier to the wastewater industry, we also carry a line of passive vent and low-flow air scrubbers, manhole filters and inflow protectors.

A fast growing demographic for our products is the solid waste industry, more specifically landfill vent odor control/gas emissions control. With global warming becoming an ever increasing part of our life coupled with the urban sprawl that has brought residential neighborhoods close to the once isolated landfill. Reducing the methane and H2S gas emission is becoming a challenge for today’s operators of our nation’s landfills. Vent emissions from the landfill whether it be nuance odor from H2s or greenhouse gas emissions (methane) Simple Solutions can offer you a solution that fits your budget. Our most affordable solution for the landfill vent is our Pollution Control Barrel. This Activated Carbon Scrubber is a passive vent scrubber that is easily attached to the outlet vents. If active venting is your engineer’s choice our line of industrial vapor phase adsorbers are ready to go to work for you.