Sims Pump Valve Company, Inc. (SIMS)

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  • Simsite - Impellers & Rings

    Simsite - Impellers & Rings

    Unlike any other Pump Companies, SIMS provides Customers with Impellers, Rings, Sleeves, Guide Bearings, Mechanical seals, Complete Pumps, and many other Pump Parts that outlast, and outperform other products on the market!

  • Simsite - Marine Vertical Pump

    Simsite - Marine Vertical Pump

    Compact, Light Weight, and NEVER Corrodes in Seawater, Wastewater, River Water, Sewage, or Chlorinated water and is good with most Chemicals. The SIMS Vertical Marine Pump is a Compact, Light Weight, Corrosion Free, and High Efficiency pump that NEVER CORRODES in salt water, waste water, sewage, or chlorinated water. This unique pump is maintenance free, because it is 100% machined on the outside as well as the inside from our Patented SIMSITE®...

  • Simsite - Anti Heeling Pump

    Simsite - Anti Heeling Pump

    This SIMS Anti-Heeling Pump is designed to maintain the stability in a vessel by pumping the flow of water in either direction into ballast tanks located on each side of the ship to maintain the stabilization of the vessel.

  • Simsite - Navy Standard Shock Qualified Pumps

    Simsite - Navy Standard Shock Qualified Pumps

    Inspired by NAVSEA directives for innovative technology and MACHALT 536, SIMS Pump Company continues to be the leader in the composite industry; producing the first “production ready” SIMS Navy Standard Shock and Vibration qualified Composite Pumps.

  • Simsite - Metallic Shaft Sleeves

    Simsite - Metallic Shaft Sleeves

    There is no reason to use metallic shaft sleeves when you can use SIMSITE Structural Composite Sleeves, which not only protects the shaft, but they are light weight, and seal better against the O-rings of the mechanical seals.

  • Simsite - Vertical Pit Pumps

    Simsite - Vertical Pit Pumps

    SIMS Vertical Pit Pumps are designed for versatility and longevity. The Pump Casing, Guide Bearings, Spider Bearings, Sleeves, Bushings, Column Pipe, Discharge Pipe, Base Plate, Motor Pedestal and Strainer are all manufactured from SIMSITE®, a structural graphite composite engineered specifically for these vertical pit applications.

  • Simsite - Model Series 6000 - Maintenance Free, Vertical In-Line Pumps

    Simsite - Model Series 6000 - Maintenance Free, Vertical In-Line Pumps

    Designed by SIMS to be a “drop-in” replacement for Vertical-In-Line pumps, the SIMS Series 6000 Pump is virtually maintenance free with permanently lubricated sealed bearings and the flexibility for installation as Vertical-In-Line, Vertical Offset, or Vertical Suction configurations. These pumps incorporate SIMSITE® Volute Casings, Casing Rings, Guide Bearings, and Frame Adaptors with an easy back “pull-out” design for...

  • Simsite - Marine & Industrial Pumps

    Simsite - Marine & Industrial Pumps

    Inspired by Corrosion problems from pumping Salt Water and Chemicals, SIMS Pump Company has developed a line of SIMSITE Structural Composite Engineered Pumps, which NEVER corrode in Salt Water, Waste Water, Sewage, or Chlorinated Water, and are corrosion resistant to most acid and alkaline solutions. These pumps are 100% machined, on the inside as well as the outside, from solid blocks of SIMSITE a patented structural graphite composite with...

  • Simsite - Engineered Pumps

    Simsite - Engineered Pumps

    SIMS manufactures pumps to specific performance conditions for many different types of applications and designs. Since all SIMS pumps are completely machined on the outside as well as the inside from solid blocks of structural composite, SIMS can engineer and design a pump for a Customer’s specific operational needs. No longer does a Customer have to accept a standard pump that most closely fits their operational needs.