Simtar Makina Ltd Sti

Simtar Makina Ltd Sti

Simtar Makina is a company specialized on manufacturing nitrogen generators based on PSA system located in Turkey. Simtar Makina offers two models on nitrogen generator systems, SNE models and SNP models. With its extremely stable bedding system, much lower air consumption, high quality CMS and detailed control system, Simtar guarantees problem free nitrogen gas production through out the generator`s lifetime. Additional precautions against corrosion are taken on SNE model adsorption vessels since it is not possible to make a hydraulic presusre test. SNP models are designed for low capacity application with its aluminium adsorption vessels, one valve system, and being lighweight, small size, cost effective. Tell us your requirements for nitrogen gas, we will offer you the best solution.

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Göksu Mah. Aydın hat boyu cad. no:521 , Buca , İzmir Turkey

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Manufacturing, Other
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Globally (various continents)

Do generate nitrogen gas with Simtar PSA nitrogen gas generators at your workplace, keep the gas costs under your control. Thus, much more safe and economical...

Simtar nitrogen generators offer companies more stable, economical, safe and longevous solution to their nitrogen gas need.

In Simtar, there certainly is a nitrogen generator that can fit any application regardless of purity and capacity of nitrogen gas used.

Check technical details of nitrogen generator that fit your application from products section and contact us for detailed information or quotation.

  • Companies can generate nitrogen gas inside their own workshop as much or as little as needed at right purity, pressure and flowrate demanded. Thus, troubles like regular gas filling, tank rental and transportation problems are eliminated.
  • No more time and work losses caused by running out of gas or liquid nitrogen or their transportation.
  • All nitrogen gas generated by nitrogen generator which requires only dried and filtered pressurized air and electrical connection are used. There is no loss of gas remained unused in the cylinder. The nitrogen gas generated is kept in the storage tank for next use.
  • Nitrogen generators do work with 6 to 15 bar pressurized air. Generating gas with nitrogen generators of which all safety precaution are taken is easier and safer compared to traditional gas supply methods. Only requirements are dried and filtered pressurized air and electrical connection. No need for operator or regular check.
  • It is possible to make nitrogen at desired purity within the range of %95-%99.999 with nitrogen generators. This way, companies can generate nitrogen gas at required purity only, keep low their investment and operating costs.

Simtar, design and manufacture nitrogen gas generators that are special to application. Since the prices change according to model, Simtar nitrogen generators are affordable for any budget. Moreover, our studies ad trials aiming product improvement and cost decrease are still ongoing.

Simtar offers every user a nitrogen generator that would fit their application. All Simtar models are manufactured specially for each scope of application, in order to ensure maximum advantage on both investment and operational costs.

Simtar nitrogen generators provide advantages at capacities even between 0-1 Nm3/h.

Simtar nitrogen generators, are developed following long term R&D studies and trials. As a result of many different application designs, system efficiency, quality and working time are improved. Simtar targets all kind of nitrogen users, with its different models designed specially to each application.

Please choose the nitrogen generator that fit your application from the menu on the right.

Advantages of Simtar Nitrogen Generators;

  • Excellent PSA technology ,
  • Stable purity and capacity at all time ,
  • Lower air consumption ,
  • Energy efficient ,
  • Easy run ,
  • Different model options ,
  • Generator or generator systems based on project.

Classical system nitrogen generator system installation

Simtar nitrogen generators, are developed following long term R&D studies and trials. Simtar targets all kind of nitrogen users, with its different models designed specially to each application.

Simtar nitrogen generators of which column number and their designs, valve number, application details, automation software change according to each model are still under research and development for improving the system and lowering cost.


Dried and filtered pressurized air enters nitrogen generator system. In this system working according to PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) principle, there are two adsorption columns. In these olumns, there are high durable and quality CMS granules (carbon molecular sieve)supported with special bedding system. Pressurized air entering the lower inlet of the column, moves towards upside of the column.

The mesh size on CMS garanules, is larger than oxygen molecule size (O2 : 0.28 nm) and smaller than nitrogen molecule size (N2 : 0.32 nm). Accordingly, oxygen molecules, moving alongwith adsorption column, are adsorped inside the CMS mesh, and larger nitrogen molecules moves are allowed to leave the system.


While adsorption column filled with CMS saturated with oxygen, starts releasing pressure and oxygen (regeneration), adsorption column filled with CMS released pressure and oxygen, starts seperating oxygen and nitrogen molecules from each other (adsorption) and generates nitrogen.

Adsorption columns working in this way, adsorption for a while and then regeneration for the same while, provides continual nitrogen generation.

Adsorption and regeneration processes duration changing according to application, is automatically controlled by solenoid valves with long lifetime cycle.

PSA nitrogen generators can generate nitrogen gas 7/24 without any break or interruption running tandem mentioned above.


In Simtar nitrogen generators, CMS filling, is performed with the help of pressurized air to keep the performance stable and high all the time.
The classical method CMS filling systems

The systems on which CMS filling is performed with classical methods have such a view in Figure a.

In this filling method that contains large void volume, in order to reach desired nitrogen purity or capacity, much more CMS, adsorption columns with larger volume and as a result, much more pressurized air should be used.

A while after the system contact pressurized air, CMS configuration is finalized inside the system and looks like in Figure b. As it can be seen in Figure b., a space is composed on top of the system after CMS settlement is finished.

Disadvantages caused from this space volume;

  • CMS begins to strike with column wall and each other. Accordingly, they get craked in time.
  • These craks cause CMS adsorption performance reduction. As a result of this, the purity and/or the capacity of nitrogen gas generated start to decrease.
  • These craks also result in enlarging of space volume on top of CMS bedding, and reduction in CMS adsorption perfomance.
  • Dust (CMS in powder form) amount increase more with crashing/collision and craking.
  • When all CMS granules are in powder form, there is no adsorption.


The CMS filling system with the help of pressurized air

CMS filling method performed with pressurized air offers advatages mentioned below;

  • In order to achieve desired nitrogen purity and capacity, less amount of CMS and smaller volume of adsorption columns are required compared to classical methods.
  • Since there is no space volume like in classical methods, crashing to column wall and craking are much more minimized.
  • Thus, CMS adsorption performance is always stable and high.
  • The nitrogen gas purity and capacity is stable in the system, because CMS adsorption perfomance does not decrease in time.
  • CMS performs adsorption much longer with high perfomance.
  • Dust formation is much less because of no crashing and carking.