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Sinclair Knight Merz Group is a leading global professional services consulting firm working with public and private sector clients across several chosen market areas These are Water & Environment, Mining & Metals, Buildings & Property, Infrastructure, Power & Industry. Key services of Sinclair Knight Merz include engineering, scientific studies, planning, economics, logistics, architecture, geotechnical engineering, project management and spatial information With a proud history, the Sinclair Knight Merz Vision is to be a leading, sustainable, global consultancy in a shared, open culture which is employee owned and fiercely independent. The Group’s Mission is deliver to clients commercial and technical solutions which create exceptional value. The firm has a commitment to service, quality and high standards of business ethics.

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11th Floor, Durack Centre,263 Adelaide Terrace , Perth , WA 6000 Australia
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Engineering service provider
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Globally (various continents)
Over 1000
100,000,000 - 1,000,000,000 €

  • Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM) is a leading projects firm, with global capability in strategic consulting, engineering and project delivery. It operates across Asia Pacific, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, deploying some 7,500 people from more than 40 offices.
  • Formed in 1964 in Sydney as a private company, SKM has retained its independence through employee ownership, with fee income now greater than A$1 billion.
  • Our people come from a diverse range of disciplines including engineers, planners, architects, economists, scientists, project managers, technicians and administrative staff.
  • We continually strive to help our people reach their full potential, engaging them in challenging and inspiring projects that shape industries and build nations.
  • Wholly employee-owned, SKM is an organisation with a proud safety and business ethics, along with a leading edge approach to delivering a sustainable future.

Our vision is to design and deliver projects which we can be proud of - projects which deliver a positive, enduring impact on the world.

To do this, we are committed to embedding sustainability principles throughout our business, with programs and initiatives influencing training, communications, business systems and procedures, KPIs and importantly, the projects we work on with clients.

Sustainability on projects
Over the past few years, SKM has entered a new phase on our sustainability journey, with our Sustainability by Design toolkit reaching further and having a greater impact than ever before. SKM's sustainability practitioners have taken this structured, repeatable process into projects across the globe generating outcomes that go beyond 'business as usual' to deliver smarter, more sustainable solutions to our clients' problems. Our unique approach is helping clients to translate their sustainability policies into practice.

In addition to our Sustainability by Design approach and strategic consulting services, we offer a range of technical sustainability related services including renewable energy, resource efficiency, climate change advice, sustainable transport and green buildings, to name a few. To find out more about Sustainability by Design, strategic consulting or any of the other sustainability services we offer, please contact Sinclair Knight Merz.

Treading lightly
Along with our work with clients, we acknowledge the importance of getting our own house in order and 'walking the talk'.

SKM has a comprehensive program to manage and report on our environmental footprint in the key areas of carbon, buildings, travel and procurement for the more than 20 countries in which we operate.

In 2007, we began with a strategy to reduce emissions as much as practicably possible with an ambitious target - to reduce our GHG emissions by 30% per full time employee over 3 years. Not only did we achieve this goal, but to date, we have achieved the extraordinary results of reducing our GHG emission by 44% per full time employee.

The SKM Carbon Fund
Insights from our work to achieve the initial 30% reduction target have underpinned our second major carbon abatement strategy - the Carbon Fund. At the core of our business, SKM's service is based on providing technical solutions to our clients, solutions which include carbon reduction. The Carbon Fund aims to align with SKM's core business by sourcing carbon reductions through our projects, client services and clients. The size of the Fund is based on the level of our group-wide emissions and a market value of carbon.

The Carbon Fund began in 2011 and achieved some great outcomes in the first year. Our vision is that the Fund will ultimately abate all SKM's operational emissions and, in time, will self-finance those reductions. We expect that this will be an exciting, though by no means simple journey, and we look forward to continuing to share our progress in the coming years.

SKM' s commitment to quality means we will consistently provide services that meet our clients' needs including all project, statutory, safety, sustainability, environment and community requirements. To us 'quality' means delivering services which 'meet the agreed requirements'. Our quality commitment is part of our approach to service delivery improvement

We will:

  • Deliver services which help our clients to achieve outstanding success and seek their feedback to test our success in doing this.
  • Deliver on-time and keep our clients and other stakeholders informed so that there are no surprises.
  • Employ great people to staff our projects with the appropriate skills, competence and experience. We will support our project teams with a wide range of non-technical functions all focused on delivering project services.
  • Value our people as our most important resource, involving them in improving our project delivery.
  • Plan and carry out checking on each project to be sure we deliver the right service and deliver it right.
  • Provide independent staff and resources in every region to test the 'health' of projects and processes, looking for opportunities to improve as we do so.
  • Set objectives and measure against them in order to improve, paying particular attention to contract, time, communication, assurance and safety aspects of our service delivery
  • Encourage and provide support for continuous service delivery improvement
  • Maintain our certification to international quality standard ISO 9001.
  • We believe achieving this policy will give confidence to the community, our clients, our staff and our shareholders that we are delivering quality services which make a positive and enduring impact on the world.