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  • Foundry

  • Bentonite-coal Dust Mixture and Lustrous Carbon Formers

    Bentonite-coal Dust Mixture and Lustrous Carbon Formers

    Coal dust has been employed in green moulding sands since very ancient times. Several different substances and sophisticated – powder and liquid – products have been tried to replace it, without success. Its powerful peel-off action is its most interesting property at first sight, but the use of coal dust provides several other advantages. For a top quality coal dust to exert its beneficial action, it has to be ground from sea coal with a...

  • Silicon Carbide and Ferroalloy Briquettes

    Silicon Carbide and Ferroalloy Briquettes

    Silicon carbide and ferroalloy briquettes are employed as corrective additives in cupola furnaces. They are produced with calibrated formulations through a controlled process using the best raw materials for best title and maximum quality.

  • Civil Engineering

  • Diaphragm Walls and Bored Piles

    Diaphragm Walls and Bored Piles

    Drilling muds play a fundamental role in the construction of special foundations, since they are key to ensure digging stability, seal borehole walls through cake formation, as well as suspend drill cuttings and fines. Drilling muds are normally prepared by mixing bentonite with water. In some instances, bentonite is replaced with polymers. We offer a full range of products to meet the needs of different types of drillings, including bored piles...

  • Cut-off Walls

    Cut-off Walls

    Cut-off walls are underground vertical barriers with extremely low permeability employed for soil waterproofing and to seal off water seepage from landfills and contaminated sites. In the remediation of soils, HDPE liners can be inserted in the cut-off walls to provide 100% sealing. Cut-off walls are normally constructed with mechanical grabs and self-hardening mud used as drilling mud during digging and as a low-permeability barrier after...

  • Water Treatment Systems

    Water Treatment Systems

    Due to its ion exchange, flocculation, and sedimentation properties, bentonite is used in environmental protection for water clarification and sludge treatment. In water treatment systems, bentonite is a mineral type of clarifying agent, just like aluminium chlorohydrate, aluminium sulphate, ferrous sulphate, and iron chloride. However, since it is not soluble, it is the only agent capable of forming suspensions that remain stable over time. Further,...