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  • Drainage Slotted Pipes

  • Durvinil - Drainage Pipes

    Durvinil - Drainage Pipes

    Drainage slotted pipes are used to eliminate excess water causing softening or degradation of the soil's mechanical characteristics. Drainage pipes are made of rigid PVC, able to stand all kind of underground water as well as seawater and acid or alkaline diluted solutions. Durvinil® RFS pipes can be subjected to repeated treatments with chemical substances commonly used to disinfect and regenerate wells.

  • Durvinil - PVC Piezometric Pipes

    Durvinil - PVC Piezometric Pipes

    Sireg Geotech produces PVC DURVINIL piezometric pipes with diameters from 2 to 8 inches, both blind and microslotted into different lengths. Sireg Geotech piezometric pipes may be equipped with immersion pumps for the construction of wells to be used for the verification of water levels through phreatimeters, or they can be used to sample the water over a period of time at the end of specific controls.

  • Durvinil - Model SD - Self-Drilling Drainage Pipes

    Durvinil - Model SD - Self-Drilling Drainage Pipes

    Sireg Geotech’s Durvinil SD system is formed by a self-drilling steel head that drags a PVC Durvinil® drainage slotted pipe, used to reduce the soil’s water pressure. This system is used to install the drainage pipes in loose soil or below the groundwater table, where it is not possible to apply the provisory coating in the drilled holes before the insertion of the pipe. It can also be used to insert the pipes through the TBM’s...