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  • Audits & Assessments Services

    Audits & Assessments Services

    After over 30 years running maintenance assessments worldwide, Siveco has shown that poor maintenance can drag down profits by up to 40%. Siveco audits & assessments align maintenance organizations and systems with corporate objectives as per ISO 55000 (or its Chinese equivalent GB/T 33172).

  • Siveco - Smart O&M Services

    Siveco - Smart O&M Services

    Unlike traditional vendors who see software implementation as an end in itself, Siveco China's team of Smart O&M specialists understand that the IT solution is merely a tool to reach the company's management objectives, to define and execute its maintenance strategy and to continuously improve it.

  • Greenfield Projects Services

    Greenfield Projects Services

    Siveco has pioneered the concept of 'turnkey CMMS' to deliver maintenance documentation in the CMMS during the construction phase. Thanks to its unparalleled experience in China, Siveco has developed a significant export business working with EPC companies and owners all over the word.

  • Maintenance Engineering Services

    Maintenance Engineering Services

    Based on a unique combination of Western and Chinese experience, Siveco China provides a range of maintenance engineering and consulting services catering to specific needs, to complement our Maintenance 4.0 offering.