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  • Biological Samplers

  • Bio Sampler

    Bio Sampler

    The BioSampler® collects bioaerosols in liquid for sample times up to eight hours when used in connection with the sonic-flow Vac-U-Go Sampler. Use BioSampler for IAQ investigations, infection control in hospitals and veterinary clinics, biological research, infectious disease investigations in public buildings, and safety concerns in the food handling industry.

  • BioStage - Single-Stage Impactor

    BioStage - Single-Stage Impactor

    The SKC BioStage® viable cascade impactor meets NIOSH requirements and ACGIH recommendations for sampling indoor and outdoor mold and fungi. The BioStage comprises an inlet cone, precision-drilled 400-hole impactor stage, and a base that holds a standard-size agar plate. A high flow pump, such as the QuickTake 30, pulls microorganisms in air through the holes (jets) where they are collected on the agar surface. Testing demonstrates that BioStage...

  • Button Aerosol Sampler

    Button Aerosol Sampler

    The Button Sampler, with its porous curved-surface inlet, is designed to improve the collection characteristics of inhalable dust, including bioaerosols for viable or non-viable analysis. Use the Button Sampler for low-level personal or area sampling of inhalable dust.