Sludge Solutions International (SSI) is pleased to announce to the worldwide Wastewater Industry, the availability of its patented blend of bacterial strains and select nutrients (U.S. Patent 6884351 issued April 26, 2005). Sewper Rx is a proprietary blend of bacteria, nutrients and enzymes that possesses superior digestion properties for the treatment of sewage sludge, yet is harmless to the environment. The by- products of this unique process are water and carbon dioxide, with no biomass buildup. Sewper Rx will greatly reduce operating costs for any size facility, from a small subdivision unit plant to municipal systems. A Performance Contract can be negotiated whereby SSI will treat your plant as needed to achieve optimum results in return for a negotiated monthly fee. Significant savings in solids handling, separation, storage, hauling, disposal and other costs will result. If they don`t, you dont pay!

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215 Guidry Road , Lafayette , Louisiana 70503 USA

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Water and Wastewater - Sludge Management
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Globally (various continents)

The regular use of SSIs biological products and processes have been shown to:

  • Reduce the amount of sludge and biosolids in a  wastewater treatment plant by 80% or more.
  • Reduce or eliminate odors.
  • Improve settling while reducing or eliminating the need for polymers and chemicals used in the sludge thickening process.
  • Reduce electricity consumption
  • Improve effluent quality.
  • Increase plant capacity by as much as 50% or more than design specifications.
  • Reduce the volume of sludge requiring post treatment handling or disposal by 80-90%

If the primary problem is poor effluent quality, SSI will provide a Service Agreement to assist in controlling solids build-up in your plant while consistently meeting ever-tightening discharge standards.

For additional information, please contact us and we will send to you, by e-mail, an SSI PowerPoint presentation which will provide more detail concerning this unique solids reduction and odor elimination program for wastewater treatment plants.

For over 16 years, Mary Lynn Lytal, the founder of Sludge Solutions International, has provided unique solutions to the  challenges facing the wastewater treatment industry. In 2005, she was issued a patent for her  most innovative technology yet, a non-toxic, non-pathogenic, biological treatment process called Sewper Rx. (U.S. Patent 6884351).

The story begins 1947, when Kerr McGee drilled the first offshore oil well in the world, in the Gulf of Mexico, off the mouth of Bayou Lafourche.   That same year, her father, Walter K. (Pappy) Boyd and his brother-in-law Donald Bollinger started their first offshore supply/utility boat company to service that well and others to follow.  B & B Towing Company was also started that same year.  The first Bollinger shipyard, started the year before, built those first boats.

Mary Lynn has spent a lifetime in an around the oil industry and related service and marine industries. She and her husband started their first offshore supply boat company in 1971.  Lytal Companies became well known in the Gulf of Mexico.  In business for 35 years, the companies worked for most of the major oil companies.