Sludgeblanket UK

Sludgeblanket UK

Sludgeblanket UK

Sludge Blanket UK works with the water and waste industry to provide solutions to many of the problems you may be having. The Sludge Tracker sludge blanket level detector can help you in clean and dirty water applications by measuring sludge blankets in final settlement tanks, primary tanks, sludge thickeners, clean water clarifiers.

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Bank Chambers, 33 Stamford Street , Mossley , 0L5 0LL United Kingdom
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Industry Type:
Water Monitoring and Testing
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)

Waste Water

  • Primary Clarifier
  • Secondary Clarifier
  • Tertiary tanks

Potable Water

  • Post coagualtion clarifiers
  • Sludge Thickeners
  • DAF


  • Industrial Clarifiers
  • Sludge Concentrators
  • Decanting TanksĀ 


Effective clarifier and thickener control demands dependable sludge blanket level measurement. Sludge Tracker provides information you can rely on!


  • Reduce Sludge Pumping
  • Optimize Chemical Dosing
  • Advance Warning of Process Upset
  • Free Personnel For More Critical Functions
  • Automate Clarifier/Thickener Control
  • Eliminate Problematic Hand Measurements

Get a true handle on clarifier operation with continuous, reliable sludge level measurement rather than infrequent and questionable hand samples!

SludgeTracker employs sophisticated industrial sonar instrumentation and state of the art signal processing and tracking software to provide dependable monitoring of sludge blanket levels in upflow/contact clarifiers. Utilize SludgeTracker technology to effectively...

  • ELIMINATE   accidental solids discharge
  • AUTOMATE   sludge 'blow down' cycle
  • OPTIMIZE   clarifier efficiency
  • REDUCE   chemical usage
  • PROTECT  rakes and pumps



Primary Benefits

  • Optimize bin filling to fully utilize capacity without costly overfill
  • Eliminate labor intensive manual soundings
  • Reduce ash pond dredging and the wear and tear from excessive recirculation of abrasive ash fines


  • Cost effective single and dual-sensor systems
  • Local measurement indication and analog signal to plant control system
  • Rugged sensor design assures long life and low maintenance
  • Automatic initialization and signal gain assures continuous, uninterrupted measurement

More Power Applications

Ash Tracker - Cost effective continuous ash level measurement in bottom ash hoppers and slag tanks

Sludge Tracker -

  • Monitors blanket level in power applications
  • Flu gas de-sulfurization thickeners
  • Raw water clarifiers
  • Surge and settling tanks
  • Pyrite holding/transfer tanks
  • Lagoons, settling ponds, and more