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SM Tech Co., Ltd. has a proud history of more than a quarter of a century of being at the forefront of surging Analysis. Since the development of Water Hammer Control System in February 2007, we have made great progress in expanding and improving the company. We have done so through a commitment to hard work, constant R&D, and a relentless focus on meeting and exceeding our customers’ requirements. This has enabled us to bring to the market the fine products that you will see on this website, of which we are all very proud. We have the potential and ambition to develop into a global, market-leading company in the field on Water Hammer Solution. We have already fully experienced in worldwide spots as such intakes, Booster & all liquid pump stations

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Water Utilities
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Globally (various continents)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Water hammer in the pipeline is caused by a sudden stop due to failure or outage of the pump and the sudden opening of the valve, brings the fluid a sudden and big pressure change and pressure wave propagation in the pipeline.

This pressure wave can cause major problems, from noise and vibration to pipe collapse and inflict damages on the pump including valve and turbine with a lot of expense and time to repair, also required thorough preparations in the pipeline design.

But still many domestic facilities such as aqueduct of hydroelectric power plants, high capacity wide waterworks system for various irrigation have no regards for the waste of budget with excessive capacity due to the incorrect data of water hammer factors, most of water hammer facilities do not function properly as a result of recent diagnosis and field survey.

Therefore, to establish countermeasures on this, surging analysis with the exact water hammer design factor from the beginning of the design to equip the various devices to mitigate water hammer and adjustable such as flywheel, surge tank, stand pipe, air valve, safety valve, air chamber and pipeline shape changes, etc.

Recently it is needed the technology for the surging analysis by computer program to predict risk factors in advance to secure safety by the exact design parameters in designing facilities.

As an efficient method to decrease water hammer damage, it becomes more accurate through surging analysis, but it shows the big difference in the result, as reflecting the evaluation of the devices, or that the device is applied to any number of variables.

 Normally water hammer control systems have difficulty in storage the operation data and require a lot of expense and time with the high price device and also required a lot of equipment to settle the devices to the existing facilities or to be fitted with many amenities on facilities for the installation. Besides, systems should be stopped the operation before the installation and remove the devices only for the specific time.  

Through the installation of water hammer control system to obtain the operation data, the result should be reflected to the development of the water hammer control system or the operation, but by using these data is often applied for the entire facilities, could not secure the safety and cause the accidents.

Some of the manufacturer of water hammer control system promote their performance with the previous best data obtained from the other spot not only causing the accident but disregards form the customers with the faithless safety devices or unnecessary system in the market.    

This study is about the performance and operation parameter of air chamber applicable for surge rising pressure and negative pressure. Recently it is widely used the air chamber by the results using a computer which has appropriate capacity of the air and water, reduces the occurrence of the rising and falling pressure and absorb the pressure at the same time. This air chamber is composed of the control panel and pressure vessel with internal air and air compressors.

 When the inside of the air is low it is difficult to respond to sudden pressure variations, as a result, it is the same as those of a small capacity than the necessary capacity is installed, can be caused an accident. And in case of air chamber has excess air is difficult to suppress the pressure and leaked air through the air valve cause the accident, slam surge phenomenon called. The air flows out to the pipe makes pipeline unstable and hard to control or interrupt the flow of fluid staying in the top portion of the pipeline conduit.

 Pressure of the pump system is not remained to operate constantly but changed always the pressure by the various parameters such as the change of operating pump, operating valves, the stop of pump and operation changes pipeline system.

As a pressure vessel to simply control the amount of air by the water level are not able to be responded against the change of air volume in accordance with the pressure fluctuations in the pressure vessel.

 Rise of the water level, one of the periodic change which is not concerned with the pressure fluctuations can be confirmed by the damage of air bound (Air supply lines) due to the leakage of the compressed air. And it is also symptom of the breakdown, in case of the rising water level in normal pressure range, should be generated alarms.

It is necessary for the operation method which can be controlled not only the change of water level but the fluctuations pressure to secure the safety. Corresponding to the analysis and control with the pressure and water level fluctuations can be controlled safety with the adequate facilities.

In addition, the operation variables from this study, can be controlled safely by the application for the water hammer control system with active control analysis in automatic control system to secure the safety. It can be also reduced the unnecessary expense of the replacement by using the facilities long term, with exact operation and is possible for the erroneous operation to ensure the safety.