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For more than 65 years, Smith & Loveless has delivered engineering ingenuity and quality craftsmanship to the water industry by pioneering superior pre-engineered pumping, treatment and headworks systems. Our factory-built concepts pave the way for thousands of municipalities, developments and industry to reap the benefits of complete, single-source solutions and peerless system designs arranged to facilitate the ease of operation and maintenance and maximize the value of investment by way of long-lasting, durable equipment. Beneficial life cycle costing is the hallmark of the Smith & Loveless way of design.

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Smith & Loveless maintains market leadership in lift station design and manufacture, grit removal systems for municipal headworks and industrial process streams, and a complete range of wastewater treatment systems, including MBRs, fixed-film and extended aeration plant (both package and field-erected systems). With tens of thousands of installations in more than 70 nations on all seven continents, Smith & Loveless truly is Above All Others.


B. Alden Smith and Compere Loveless founded Smith & Loveless Inc. in 1946 as a sales engineering firm representing several manufacturers in the wastewater industry. Early in their association, Smith & Loveless recognized the opportunity for complete, factory-assembled pump stations. Their first three stations were built for the City of Salina, Kansas. These units were fabricated in a converted barn less than three miles from the present world headquarters location.

As demand grew, Smith & Loveless built their first manufacturing plant – a modest structure a few miles from the present plant site. Sales increased rapidly in the1950s, and within a short time, Smith & Loveless maintained distribution throughout the United States and Canada. Because of this rapid growth, it was necessary to expand the manufacturing plant five times in a four-year period.

Smith & Loveless moved its present world headquarters and primary manufacturing facility to Lenexa, Kan., a Kansas City suburb in 1958. The present plant, which itself has been expanded several times, covers more than 100,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space.

In 1959, Smith & Loveless was acquired by conglomerate Union Tank Car of Lincolnshire, Ill (later known as Trans Union). While the acquisition complemented markets served by other divisions of that firm, it marked a period when additional capital for expansion and research and development ensured Smith & Loveless’ leadership in the wastewater industry.

Following a 1981 Trans Union merger with the Marmon Group, the executive management of Smith & Loveless engineered a management buyout by purchasing the company’s assets. Reborn as Smith & Loveless Inc., the newly privately held company renewed its commitment to maintain its role as a leader in the water industry. Its strategy was simple: design and manufacture quality equipment and provide superior service.


In the 1980s, expansion strengthened the company’s leadership position. In 1984, Smith & Loveless, purchased two firms: SCIENCO®, Inc., St. Louis, Missouri, and DI-SEP® Systems International, Inc., of Santa Fe Springs, California. In 1985, Smith & Loveless added another subsidiary by acquiring St. Louis Marine Systems, Inc., and renamed it FAST® Systems, Inc. Later, Smith & Loveless’ St. Louis operations were merged into SCIENCO/FAST® Systems while still serving their diverse markets. In 1987, Smith & Loveless made another step to provide additional capabilities in water treatment by acquiring K-W Industries of Omaha, Nebraska, and absorbing its product line.

In a move to both broaden Smith & Loveless Inc.’s water product line and expand into the European marketplace, Smith & Loveless Limited, an affiliated company of Smith & Loveless, Inc., acquired the majority interest in Kalsep Limited of Camberley, England on March 29, 1995. Licenses granted allow Smith & Loveless products to be sold by Kalsep Limited and Kalsep Limited’s water products to be sold in Smith & Loveless’ markets.

In 1996, in a move to specially develop, manufacture and market wastewater treatment systems for the on-site residential marketplace, an affiliated company, Bio-Microbics, Inc., was formed. Today, Bio-Microbics has expanded its product offering to include other transfer and treatment devices and components for clustered residential wastewater infrastructure, high-strength commercial applications, nitrogen reduction, wastewater aeration and mixing, stormwater applications, grease removal, cooling tower water treatment, renovation of failing septic systems and various screening/filtration devices.

Further international expansion occurred in the late 1990s when Smith & Loveless New Zealand Ltd. obtained licenses to market and sell Smith & Loveless Inc. technology and equipment in New Zealand and Australia. In 1999, Smith & Loveless Limited – UK began to more actively market and sell Smith & Loveless, Inc. technology in the UK.

On the domestic front, Smith & Loveless Georgia Inc. was formed in 2000. This allows the Company to provide superior pump station sales and service for its Georgia customers.

Finally, in 2003, Smith & Loveless purchased the assets of the BIOMIXER Corporation of California in a move to obtain innovative aeration and mixing technology.

Smith & Loveless actively pursues the patents of its inventions. The Company currently owns more than 60 active U.S. patents, holds foreign patents in 15 different countries, has several patent applications pending and has more than 25 domestic and foreign trademarks.

Smith & Loveless has actively engaged in R&D. Smith & Loveless’ approach to research and development is both the search for new applications of existing product lines, as well as development of completely new concepts. Through these efforts, Smith & Loveless has been able to enter previously untapped markets. The company’s products are sold mainly through manufacturers’ sales representative companies, with more than 150 such contract companies located worldwide.

Smith & Loveless serves a complete range of municipal, private development, onsite, military and industrial/commercial markets. Our organization’s five sales divisions are structured to meet particular markets and product needs. These divisions include: Municipal, Industrial, International, and After Market.

Municipal Division

The Municipal Products & Systems Division tackles water and wastewater treatment and pumping applications common to municipal and rural life, including centralized and decentralized concerns. Our typical market applications include:

  • Municipal treatment plants and utilities
  • Municipal collection systems
  • Rural water utilities
  • Private development, including housing developments, shopping centers, and office parks
  • Common city facilities like schools, hospitals, and office parks
  • Recreational facilities like state parks, golf courses, campgrounds and
  • Small commercial facilities like hotels and restaurants
  • Onsite applications

Industrial Division

S&L Industrial handles virtually any range of industry and federal/military applications, including:

  • Large and small private industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy sectors, including oil/gas, ethanol, and power generation
  • Chemical and petrochemical
  • Food and beverage
  • Agribusiness, commercial farming, and aquaculture
  • Federal government, including national parks, superfund sites, and executive branch departments
  • Military
  • Copper, mining and electrolyte filtration
  • Pulp and paper

International Division

With installations in more than 70 nations on all seven continents, Smith & Loveless maintains a truly global scope. The International Division handles both public works and industrial/commercial type applications for virtually all kinds of projects originating outside of the contiguous 48 states.

After Market Division

With today's lean budgets, many of our customers find cost-effective ways to retrofit their existing equipment. After Market maintains thorough records of installations going back more than 60 years, so we are ready to assist customers with parts and retrofit needs.

A major hallmark to Smith & Loveless' legacy within the industry is pioneering and developing factory-built pump stations and treatment systems. We not only give our customers products assembled in a quality-controlled environment, but provide single-source responsibilty and support thoughout the life of the product.

With tens of thousands of factory-built systems to our credit, Smith & Loveless maintains extensive manufacturing capabilities. At our world headquarters in Lenexa, Kan., the manufacturing process takes place on more than 14 acres in a controlled environment encompassing 115,000 square feet (10,638 square meters). This facility houses hydraulic press brakes, cranes with 50-ton lift ability, drill presses, pipe threaders, plasma steel steel cutting, steel and stainless steel code welding, a recycle shot blast booth, a controlled painting environment and multiple testing stations. Supplementing our primary facility are manufacturing facilities in St. Louis and Los Angeles as well as sub-contractor facilities located on every continent.

In 2006, Smith & Loveless commission a new million-dollar pump station testing facility. This comprehensive test station replicates real pumping conditions – including more than 20 feet of suction lift - to ensure that each pump and pump station is operating at is peak performance prior to shipment. As an optional feature, Smith & Loveless can provide customers with certified pump curves generated from the testing phase conducted before shipment.

It's what we call the 'Factory-Built Advantage'.