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  • Treatment Systems - Treatment System Retrofits

  • TITAN MBR MEM-FRAME - Membrane Bio Reactor Retrofit

    TITAN MBR MEM-FRAME - Membrane Bio Reactor Retrofit

    Engineered and pre-assembled in S&L’s quality-controlled factory, the TITAN MBR MEM-FRAME™ is a wastewater treatment system that is designed for insertion into any concrete aeration basin. Containing robust, flat-plate TITAN MBR™ Membranes, the MEM-FRAME™ maintains high permeability and consistent flux. The frame is fixed to the tank and the membrane modules can be removed...

  • OXIGEST - Model R - Rebuild

    OXIGEST - Model R - Rebuild

    Retrofit to TITAN MBR Process. Clarifier Drives. Blowers. Drop Pipes. Conversion from coarse bubble to fine bubble Diffusers. Structural Reinforcement. Anything on the Model R.

  • Smith & Loveless - Clarifier Upgrades

    Smith & Loveless - Clarifier Upgrades

    Your local Smith & Loveless Representative and the Smith & Loveless Retrofit Team can assist you, no matter who the original equipment provider. You can decide to retrofit something as simple as a skimmer arm to an all new skimmer system, clarifier drive, effluent weir, scum baffle for your clarifier. They’ll work with you closely to develop a custom retrofit to fit you - our customer’s - specific requirements.

  • Smith & Loveless - Treatment Plant Capacity Expansion

    Smith & Loveless - Treatment Plant Capacity Expansion

    Is your traditional Complete Mixed Activated Sludge Treatment plant keeping up with today’s stringent effluent limits? Have you seen requirements change to now include denitrification? Build upon your treatment plant investment by installing a FAST® Retrofit Insert into your existing concrete or metal package treatment plant. Smith & Loveless’ After Market Division can also assist you by adding partitions and...