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  • Water – Treatment Plants

    Smith & Loveless package water treatment plants integrate particular process steps like aeration, coagulation, oxidation, flocculation and sedimentation to provide onsite treatment of groundwater or freshwater supplies. Most applications are geared for iron and manganese removal.

  • S&L AQUA-FER™ - Water Treatment System

    S&L AQUA-FER™ - Water Treatment System

    The AQUA-FER™ Water Treatment Plant from Smith & Loveless combines aeration, chemical oxidation, sedimentation and filtration processes in a compact, integrated package. It's designed to remove soluble ferrous iron or manganese typically found in groundwater or reservoir supplies.

  • S&L AQUA-4 - Water Treatment System

    S&L AQUA-4 - Water Treatment System

    The AQUA-4 System from Smith & Loveless combines the processes of chemical coagulation, mechanical axial flow-assisted flocculation, tube settling and dual-media filtration. The AQUA-4 removes iron and manganese from surface water with the addition of a chemical oxidant.