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  • Management Consulting Services

    Management Consulting Services

    Our job is to make your job easier, help you improve your bottom line and make your organization more successful. SMG can identify liabilities and costs that can be controlled, help you make good decisions about people, technology, regulatory requirements and getting your product to market. We use our experience in environmental design and compliance, management systems, health and safety, ergonomics, information technology and cost containment to...

  • Business Geographics

    Business Geographics

    The better, faster, and more accurate the information one has will mean the difference between making a good decision versus making THE BEST decision. Smith Management Group's Business Geographics Division is in the business of helping companies maximize return on investment through creative analysis of market environments. From market level strategies to single location analysis, SMG helps businesses succeed. Using tools designed to put the right...

  • IS/IT Management Services

    IS/IT Management Services

    CIO Outsourcing. Systems Integration Assessments. IS/IT Strategic Planning. Internet/e-Commerce Strategy. Web Site/e-Commerce Design, Development & Hosting. CRM/e-CRM Assessment, Design, Integration. ERP/ERPII Assessment, Design, Integration. Needs Assessments(Hardware & Software). Business Geographics. Project Design and Management. IT/IS Support of Quality Management Systems. Intranet/Extranet Design, Development, Hosting.

  • E/H&S IT/IS Services

    E/H&S IT/IS Services

    Environmental Management Information Systems(EMIS) Design & Development. CAD - Computer-Aided Drawing (Facilities, Architecture, Engineering). Computer/Web Based Training Solutions. EHS Intranet Design & Development. GIS - Geographic Information Systems. Compliance Assurance Groupware. ISO 14001 Document/Audit/Corrective Action Management Solutions. MSDS Management Systems. Performance Tracking & Reporting Automation. Air Emissions...

  • ISO 14000

    ISO 14000

    Today, compliance with the ISO 14000 series of standards is being seen in many industry segments, particularly the automotive sector. A commitment to ISO 14000 is proving to be a significant indicator that an organization is dedicated to the principles and elements of the standard. This ensures that all activities, products and services are being manufactured with environmental responsibility in mind. Smith Management Group participated on the ISO...

  • Strategic EHS Consulting

    Strategic EHS Consulting

    Relocating, growing, or expanding a business can be a complicated process. What can Smith Management Group do to help you speed up an acquisition, divestiture, the regulatory process, community acceptance, or a design for process improvements to help eliminate wastes?. SMG works hard to listen to your critical business needs and also to understand your criteria for successful project completion. What can SMG successfully do to help your company...

  • Air Service

    Air Service

    The Air Service Team is a group of environmental engineering professionals with over 90 years of air pollution experience. All of our Air Service Team members have wide ranging contacts with industry and regulators at all levels. As a result, we stay in the forefront of the rapidly changing air pollution regulatory field. This allows us to help clients anticipate the impacts of new regulations, decide on the most effective and efficient means of...

  • Environmental Management Services

    Environmental Management Services

    Smith Management Group has expertise that can help. Routinely, SMG provides assistance in the automotive, metals, food, lighting, power/energy, printing, aerospace, retail, construction and legal disciplines, performing functions such as: Remediation Design, Management, Oversight. RCRA Part A and Part B Permits. Wastewater Pre-treatment. Title V Permitting. Tank Management (ASTs and USTs). Asbestos Hazard Assessment, Abatement. Hazardous Waste...

  • Safety & Health Services

    Safety & Health Services

    Smith Management Group offers a full range of professional industrial hygiene, safety, health and ergonomic services. Our goal is to work with corporations to improve or resolve their situation through proactive assistance, with emphasis on reducing liabilities and costs. Our industrial hygiene and safety professionals carry the highest certifications and registrations and have earned the respect of business managers, governmental officials, and...

  • Ergonomics


    Smith Management Group possesses exceptional depth and consulting ability with respect to industrial ergonomics. Our primary orientation in ergonomics is in the area of industrial engineering, emphasizing the concepts of workstation redesign and method improvement. SMG's goal is to eliminate stressors which cause musculoskeletal injuries resulting in enormous cost savings to clients.