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  • Testing Services

  • Tire Testing Services

    Tire Testing Services

    Understanding the performance of tires and tire mechanics is critical in determining their influence on the ride, handling and safety of cars, commercial vehicles and airplanes. With over 90 years of expertise in rubber testing, Smithers Rapra provides custom tire analysis and standard testing to meet your requirements.

  • Wheel Testing Services

    Wheel Testing Services

    Our wheel testing laboratory performs tests that are precisely controlled and repeatable to the client's exact specifications. Testing a wheel to ensure it meets or exceeds your clients' needs will only help you maintain or gain new business. Using our wheel rim testing services for aftermarket parts will help you understand the life of the wheel, understand your liability position and warranty potential.

  • Automotive Fascia Testing Services

    Automotive Fascia Testing Services

    Smithers Rapra provides you with instant access to a world class R&D team specializing in automotive plastics, rubber and composite materials. As polymer specialists, we can assist on a wide range of internal and external automotive fascia and trim projects – providing guidance through OEM engineering performance specifications and with expert support in testing to meet your development and approval deadlines. Whether you need simple...

  • Bushings and Mounts Testing Services

    Bushings and Mounts Testing Services

    A bushing is a cylindrical component designed to support a shaft or axle in order to reduce friction and wear, guide motion, or provide structural support. When carefully tested to optimize performance, bushings or mounts contribute to smooth machinery operation and a comfortable driving experience by softening vibration and noise. The experts at Smithers Rapra have the expertise needed to recommend and carry out standard and custom testing packages...

  • Mechanical Rubber Goods, Belts, & Plastic Products

  • Physical / Mechanical Rubber Testing Services

    Physical / Mechanical Rubber Testing Services

    In the physical testing laboratory, a comprehensive range of tensile, compression, adhesion, abrasion, flexing, aging and performance tests are performed. Capabilities include testing to ASTM, SAE, ISO, military, and federal specifications, as well as numerous automotive specifications, plus unique tests and test development procedures.

  • Chemical Analytical Testing & Compound Formulation

    Chemical Analytical Testing & Compound Formulation

    Our chemical laboratory can efficiently and accurately analyze raw materials, rubber, and other components of polymer products. Hundreds of manufactured products are routinely tested using a wide variety of analytical methods and wet chemistry techniques, including compound formulations, to identify and quantify constituent materials. Let Smithers Rapra test the analytical chemistry of your rubber and polymer products.

  • Environmental and Fluid Conditioning Services

    Environmental and Fluid Conditioning Services

    The global automotive and aviation markets are imposing ever increasing product qualification requirements, ensuring that automotive and aerospace components are fully compatible with the demanding environments in which they operate. Automotive and aviation products must be able to perform with exacting combinations of resistances to heat and various fluid exposures. Among the wide range of testing and consulting services available from Smithers...

  • Hose Cycle Testing

  • Hose Pressure Testing Services

    Hose Pressure Testing Services

    Smithers Rapra performs a variety of hose pressure testing from a number of specifications including automotive, marine, and industrial. Pressure tests include impulse, static, burst, etc. High and low pressure impulse: Smithers can impulse hoses using air (low pressure), water, radiator coolant, oil, brake fluid, and transmission fluid. Burst: Most burst tests are performed hydrostatically using water or oil as the fluid pressure source. We have...

  • Vibration Testing Services

    Vibration Testing Services

    Vibration testing is commonly used as a method to recreate the fatigue stresses that occur during the life of an engineered product or assembly. Many in-service product and component failures are caused by fatigue, but these are avoidable with appropriate validation or investigative laboratory vibration testing.

  • Hose Testing Services

    Hose Testing Services

    Smithers Rapra conducts hose testing for automotive, aerospace and industrial companies from water provision to oil refining. The range of tests required for hose testing include those carried out directly on the product and tests made on the materials used for the hose construction.

  • Material Consulting

  • Material Selection

    Material Selection

    Selecting the appropriate material for an application is crucial to product performance and can lead to a reduction in claims, shorter development time, as well as improved quality. Common areas in which Smithers assists clients in their materials selection needs are; Evaluation of new raw material sources to meet existing specifications. Evaluation of new raw materials to qualify and quantify new specifications. Selection of raw materials to achieve...

  • Rubber Compound Development

    Rubber Compound Development

    Smithers offer rubber material consulting and model compounds to meet a variety of needs. Our services include: Evalutations of new rubber innovations, Custom formulation to develop recipes that meet existing requirements of new applications, Proprietary recipe development for applications filled only by custom mixers

  • Evaluating Recycled Materials

    Evaluating Recycled Materials

    Smithers offers programs designed to evaluate product streams from rubber recycling operations, including recycled polymers, oils and fillers. These programs are aimed at qualitatively and quantitatively characterizing the recycled product streams as well as determining the impact using recycled materials in model formulations.

  • Formula Reconstruction

    Formula Reconstruction

    Smithers formula reconstruction can often accelerate the development process by informing our customer about the state of the art in the industry. Smithers conducts both qualitative and quantitative chemical analyses to investigate the composition of polymer products. Its consulting services are able to combine the results of composition investigations with physical property characterizations to develop new formulations.

  • Environmental Impacts Analysis

    Environmental Impacts Analysis

    A variety of markets are imposing ever increasing product qualification requirements, ensuring that products used are fully compatible with the changing environments in which they operate. Among the wide range of testing and consulting services available from Smithers Rapra, we have the capacity to provide fluid susceptibility testing and environmental testing to a number of recognized standards or to customer specific parameters. Our test equipment...

  • Chemical Analysis of Polymers and Raw Materials

    Chemical Analysis of Polymers and Raw Materials

    Smithers delivers a complete portfolio of rubber and plastic analysis to support a wide range of industry sectors. The key sectors supported include automotive, pharmaceutical, transport, industrial, and consumer. Smithers ISO 17025 accredited laboratories provide chemical analysis of plastic to examine the chemical properties of numerous materials and compounds including: Compounds e.g. rubbers, thermoplastics and thermoset formulations, Additives...

  • Contaminant Identification Services

    Contaminant Identification Services

    Understanding the nature of a contaminant can often aid a manufacturer in quickly identifying a processing issue. Smithers utilizes state-of-the art analytical tools coupled with optical and electron microscopes are used to study and characterize foreign matter occlusions in polymer-based products.

  • Supplier Benchmarking Services

    Supplier Benchmarking Services

    Reduce costs: Lower costs arising out of poor quality with proactive materials management with an effective pre-qualification of materials and systematic checks to assure suppliers continue to meet your specifications. This type of activity pays for itself through a reduction in processing scrap and an effective charge-back program. Improve product quality: Drive continuous improvement through your supplier chain by requiring detailed material...

Services by Teledyne API

  • Service and Support

    Service and Support

    Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation, Inc. (TAPI) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of precision analytical instrumentation for gas analysis. We offer competitive, high performance products for use in applications related to ambient monitoring, continuous emissions monitoring, semiconductor fabrication, water purification and treatment, clean room monitoring, gas purity, and air separation.