SNA Waste Systems

SNA Waste Systems

SNA Waste Systems is an epitome of quality in healthcare waste management. We follow the highest professional standards in manufacturing, marketing, sales and after-sales of medical waste management systems. SNA Waste Systems helps healthcare organizations in implementing sustainable medical waste management strategies through its innovative and state-of-the art systems and solutions. SNA Waste Systems ,in collaboration with its technology partner Sinotec Co., is pleased to introduce its revolutionary medical waste management system to clients worldwide. Our technology has tremendous potential to offset the damage caused to environment and public health by ever-increasing problem of healthcare waste in developing as well as developed countries.

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1200 McGill College Avenue, Suite 1100 , Montreal , Quebec H3B 4G7 Canada

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Waste Management
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Internationally (various countries)

Status Hazards
Worldwide, the main treatment methods for medical waste are burning and landfilling, however there are serious public health and environmental concerns with the prevalent methods.

  1. Burning Method
    Burning produces a large amount of harmful substances: organic pollutants such as dioxins, furans; heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium; fine dust particles such as hydrogen chloride, carbon monoxide and a lot of toxic dust, etc, which causes serious environmental pollution, poses grave threat to human health and results in global warming.
  2. Landfilling
    Landflling of medical waste causes wastage of scarce land resources and pollution of soil, air and groundwater resources. The medical waste buried in the soil takes as much as 200 years for complete decomposition, which makes it a huge danger for human beings, wildlife and other ecosystems.
  3. Secondary Pollution
    Medical waste contains bacteria, viruses and other harmful pathogens which can continue to spread its tentacles in the society in the form of secondary pollution. Susceptible populations are doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, patients, garbage collectors, cleaners as well as the general public. Improper management of healthcare wastes from hospitals, clinics and other facilities pose a grave risk to the society.

Recyclable Waste: The medical waste stream consists of high-quality plastics including infusion tubes, needle tubing, plastic gloves, garbage bags; metals like springe needle and knife blade; as well as cotton textiles like bandage, gauze and cotton thread. Burning and landfilling will cause almost complete loss of recyclables thus leading to wastage of natural resources and energy.

SNA Waste Systems is the world’s most advanced, environment-friendly and safest onsite real-time medical waste management technology, which conforms to World Health Organization (WHO) standards and latest trends in the developed world. Pulsation high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization technology makes SNA Waste System the most efficient and most economical medical waste treatment technology all over the world.

Core Technology
The working principle of SNA machines is as follows:

  1. Medical waste is powerfully shredded with patented technology tool bit, being stirred constantly during the sterilization process to ensure uniform sterilization without blind spots;
  2. The medical waste is sterilized in a pulsating vacuum under high-temperature and high-pressure steam condition. When the sterilization conditions reach LOG4 standard, it can achieve the indicators of pathogen disinfection and sterilization. SNA machine can reach LOG6 standard and above, and can completely kill the viruses and bacteria commonly present in the medical waste stream.


Onsite Real-Time, Sustainable and Safe Solution

  • SNA machines can be installed in front of the hospital building or inside the hospital for real-time sterilization of medical waste, which transforms waste into harmless garbage as soon as it is generated.
  • SNA machines effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganism present in healthcare waste, thereby minimizing the risk to public health.
  • SNA machines eliminate the need for transporting dangerous medical waste through populated areas and natural habitats, thus removing all chances of secondary pollution.
  • SNA machines does not release any harmful substances like wastewater, toxic gases, leachate etc. The treated waste is recycled.


Economical and Environment-friendly

  • The onsite real-time treatment of waste generated in hospitals/clinics with SNA machine can save upto 1/3rd of the cost incurred in disposal of medical waste in healthcare establishments.
  • The total processing cost of the medical waste treatment with SNA machines, including water, electricity, disinfectant and manpower is the most economical among all the known treatment methods.
  • SNA method of medical waste treatment results in 70 – 80% reduction in volume of the waste, thus leading to significant decrease in packaging and transportation costs.


Recycling of Waste

  • The treated medical waste can be recycled, saving nearly ten billion dollars of resources annually for the society, which meets the policy requirement of energy conservation and environmental sustainability.
  • The treated harmless garbage can be disposed as common household waste in a landfill. It can also be professionally recycled and separated for reuse by SNA Waste Systems.
  • The plastic recycled and separated by SNA Waste Systems can be used to make highway deceleration strip and plastic products, such as porous protected pipes for communications.

Safety and Reliability:

  • A fully enclosed operating system.
  • Computerized control with touch screen displaying temperature and pressure values in the processing tank throughout the whole sterilization process.
  • Remote system monitoring via internet or GSM networks, through the modern communications module.
  • Automatic pressure release to ensure that the steam pressure is in the safe range.
  • In order to ensure the safety of operating personnel, lid opening prevents the starting of the shredder tanks to a level 4 safety relay.
  • Electrical components are separated from rest of the machine with an insulated and waterproof wall.

Operation and Traceability:

  • Fully automatic operation via the touch screen, network monitoring, easy to operate.
  • Quick and easy to install. You only need a power connector, a water pipeline and a sewer interface.
  • Closed course of action can completely eliminate bacteria and viruses from infectious waste, sharps, needles etc
  • An automatic control is managed by a programmable controller which stores important process parameters including temperature, pressure and time, which can be transmitted through a USB interface to the computer for instant review.