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SNC-Lavalin Services

  • Environment

    SNC-Lavalin Environment has one of the most comprehensive environmental engineering and consulting teams in Canada, with over 50 years of experience and some 950+ specialists located across the country. Our expertise spans the entire project life cycle from project initiation, planning and engineering, to construction, operations and decommissioning.

  • Air Quality, Noise and Vibration Characterization Service

    Air Quality, Noise and Vibration Characterization Service

    The increase in atmospheric emissions from industrial and human sources has led to ever-increasing atmospheric pollutant levels. SNC-Lavalin Inc., Environment Division (SLE) has maintained a close working relationship with the public and the industrial sectors, helping it to acquire sound expertise in air quality. For the past 20 years, SLE has placed special emphasis on strategic planning and developing innovative solutions to meet our clients’...

  • Assessment & Management of Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services

    Assessment & Management of Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services

    SNC-Lavalin Environment & Water (E&W) is well-versed in all aspects of life sciences and the need to address the potential biological impact of projects located across the globe. We are internationally active in supporting project efforts to assess and manage biodiversity through a variety of sustainable solutions. Our network of 1300+ employees and international experts are available to offer our clients multidisciplinary expertise on a...

  • Environmental Risk Management Service

    Environmental Risk Management Service

    The process of risk identification, assessment and mitigation are essential components of any successful project. This involves thoughtful and thorough consideration of project needs, engineering feasibility, protection of human and ecological health. socio-economic implications and environmental sustainability. Our extensive multidisciplinary team and extensive experience allow us to bring the best possible solutions to all types of projects anywhere...