SnowPure manufactures and supplies ultrapure water and process membrane components, to be integrated by qualified OEMs in 65 countries around the world. With detailed knowledge of the water and process industries, SnowPure works with our OEMs ensuring design optimization and best system performance. Our technical expertise helps guide our clients before, during, and after the sale.

Company details

Business Type:
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €


Since our inception in 1979 SnowPure has been focused on one thing: providing innovative ultrapure water technology products.

Our products include Electropure™  electrodeionization (EDI), Zapwater™ EDI, ExcellNano™  Nanofiltration (NF), ExcellUltra™ ultrafiltraton (UF), ExcellPureRO™ RO for high silica, Excellion™ ion-exchange membranes, innovative ultraviolet (UV), ED, GTM, DC power supplies, and components for high-purity water systems.

Harry O’Hare founded the company as an innovator of water products serving the ultrapure water market. Today we continue his vision as an independent, private company by selling our products to Pure Water System Integrators (OEMs) around the world. SnowPure continues to develop and supply components for its customers, who in turn sell full, high-quality systems to end users for numerous high purity applications.

SnowPure is dedicated to providing our OEMs comprehensive training, both at the beginning of our relationship and into the future as we add new products and technologies. We also offer our customers marketing support with educational, technical, and promotional materials.

Global Reach

SnowPure sells its products in over 40 countries worldwide, and has established distributors and service centers in:

 Innovative Products

Our Electropure and Zapwater EDI products are installed in ultrapure water systems worldwide in many applications including pharmaceutical, power generation, industrial, and laboratory environments.

In addition to EDI, we provide other ultrapure water products including: IXM (ion-exchange membranes), UV (ultraviolet), ED (electrodialysis), and GTM (gas-transfer membrane) products.

It started with a prototype

In 1977, Harry O'Hare began experimenting with Electrodeionization, or EDI, and created the first working prototype. Prototype testing was done at Southern Research Institute (SRI). This ground-breaking work led to the founding of HOH Water Technology, Inc. in 1979. HOH applied for the first EDI patents in 1981, which were issued in 1984, preceding the Millipore/Ionpure patents by two years. During the product development years of 1981-1989 a wide variety of EDI prototypes were designed and tested, including cylindrical EDI in a pressure vessel. With its new technology launched, the company went public in 1987.

Electropure was born

In 1996, HOH changed its name to Electropure and began aggressively marketing the EPM™ product line which became popular with a number of the 'early adopters' in the pure water industry. Electropure licensed its technology to Glegg Water in 1994, enabling Robert Glegg to develop E-Cell.

Continued innovation

In 1998 Electropure finished development and patented its Excellion Ion-Exchange Membranes and process, which enabled the XL product line to be developed in 1999.

The next step

2004 marked the introduction of the Electropure XL-HTS (High Temperature Stable) product line. SnowPure’s product line expanded again in 2005 with the introduction of Zapwater EDI for laboratories. SnowPure, a private corporation, was formed in 2005 and via a management buyout, acquired Electropure’s EDI division. In 2006, SnowPure embarked on an aggressive expansion in China, opening up its sales office in Shanghai.

Celebrating our past, building our future

In 2007, SnowPure celebrated the 30th anniversary of Electropure EDI, and simultaneously launched the XL-R industrial electrodeionization product line. SnowPure International was formed in Hong Kong in 2008. The next year was highlighted by the addition of a revolutionary low-energy, compact UV product to the SnowPure line. In 2011, SnowPure launched the EXL series worldwide and opened a global production and logistics facility in China. SnowPure continues to create new innovations while expanding its world market presence in the pure water industry.


Power Generation

SnowPure has been providing Electrodeionization for power plants since 2002. Power plants around the globe are utilizing our Electropure EDI including locations in the United States, Central America, Europe, the Middle East, and China. With the introduction of our higher-capacity EXL product we are now able to serve a greater share of the power plant market including larger installations.

Pharmaceutical & Laboratory

SnowPure has been providing Pharmaceutical Electrodeionization technology to the  market since 1997. We have installations in over 40 counties including the United States, Canada, South America, India, Europe, China and Southeast Asia.

Our EDI and UV products are integral components in installations that require complying with the harmonized USP (US Pharmacopoeia), JP (Japanese Pharmacopoeia) and EP (European Pharmacopoeia) standards for PW (Purified Water) and WFI (Water for Injection).

SnowPure's technologies can be used to replace or complement traditional non-membrane processes like resin deionization and distillation. By utilizing electrodeionization in the water purification process, improved performance at a reduced cost can be achieved.

Semiconductor & Electronics

High-technology industries use ultrapure water in their manufacturing. SnowPure's components help sell pure water systems to semiconductor, electronics, solar panel, hard disk drive, glass lens, and flat panel display industries. These industries often require “ppt” (part-per-trillion) level impurities. EDI and UV-TOC are key technologies in these systems.

SnowPure has been providing Electrodeionization for semiconductors and electronics markets since 1997. Our OEM customers have electronics installations in over 15 counties including the United States, Europe, Japan, and China.

SnowPure's technologies can be used to replace or complement traditional non-membrane processes like resin deionization. By utilizing EDI and UV-TOC in the water purification process, improved performance at a reduced cost can be achieved. Often the RO-EDI-UV system is centralized, and there is local polishing at individual tools to bring the quality up to 18.18