Society for Organizational Learning, North America (SOL)

The Society for Organizational Learning, North America is an intentional learning community composed of organizations, individuals, and communities around the world. A not-for-profit, member-governed corporation, SoL North America is devoted to the interdependent development of people and their institutions in service of inspired performance and meaningful results. SoL North America serves as a space in which individuals and institutions can create together that which they cannot create alone.

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One Broadway, 14th fl. , Cambridge , Massachusetts 02142 USA

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Nonprofit organization (NPO)
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Globally (various continents)
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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to discover, integrate, and implement theories and practices of organizational learning for the interdependent development of people and their institutions and communities such that we continue to increase our capacity to collectively realize our highest aspirations and productively resolve our differences. With this intention, organizations are truly worthy of the commitment of their employees and communities.

 What We Do

  • Courses and Programs:
    Our programs - led by world renowned authorities on organizational learning, systems thinking, and leadership - allow participants to go deeply into the domains of personal mastery, collaborative inquiry, and the systems perspective as key competencies for sustaining profound change. Learn more » 
  • Consulting:
    SoL North America provides learning based consulting services, and onsite, tailored leadership development programs for member and prospective member organizations. Learn more »
  • Coaching:
    SoL North America's approach to coaching is based on over two decades of learning and research in the field of organizational learning. Our coaching quality standards are rooted in experience coaching hundreds of executives and managers from the public and private sector.  Learn more »
  • SoL North America Publishing:
    Our publishing program documents and disseminates new knowledge that supports SoL North America's principles and mission. A portion of the net proceeds of our publishing sales support basic research, leading-edge applied learning projects, and building a global network of learning communities. Contact us to learn more »
  • Speaker's Bureau:
    SoL North America is broadly organized around the groundbreaking work of Peter Senge's The Fifth Discipline. If your organization is hosting an event that is oriented toward the ideas, tools, and/or practice of continuous organizational learning, our Speaker's Bureau introduces you to dynamic, informed and credible keynote speakers who can galvanize and inform your audience. Learn more »
  • Virtual SoL:
    Virtual SoL is a collaborative, online learning platform and knowledge-sharing tool allowing members of SoL North America to capture, display, save, and share information around a wide range of topics related to the study and practice of organizational learning. Learn more »


We continue to develop SoL North America as a network where dialogue, research, collaborative action, and learning take place at many levels including global corporations, non-profit institutions, governments, and individual researchers and consultants. Our diverse and committed membership creates a reflective and action-oriented learning environment that is of enormous value, particularly as major global enterprises are faced with decisions that have consequences felt around the world.