Sofies SA

Sofies SA

Sofies SA

Sofies is a consulting firm that specializes in sustainability issues. We work with private and public organizations to find solutions to their environmental and socio-economic problems. Optimize the use of your resources thanks to services from Sofies based on industrial ecology and the circular economy.

Company details

1, rue du Vuache , 1211 Genève , Suisse Suisse Switzerland
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Business Type:
Consulting firm
Industry Type:
Environmental Management
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Our clients

Sofies has a proven track record of applying its innovative tailor-made solutions for corporate, public and international organizations.

Our strengths

  • Multidisciplinary team with a holistic vision
  • Communication in 9 languages, including French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese
  • International projects in emerging markets such as China, India and african countries
  • Local economic development projects in Switzerland and Europe
  • An international netwok of private and public partners

Our vision

The industrial system is currently facing a growing number of issues:

      • energy supply,
      • resources scarcity,
      • environmental impacts (greenhouse gaz emission, diffuse pollution, …)

To imagine a sustainable future, this system needs to move from an environmental perspective where concern was directed at industry and local pollution, to an environmental view, which focuses on a more systemic conception. Industrial ecology is a response that goes beyond by joining together economic, social and environmental challenges.
This new concept is inspired by natural ecosystems to understand and improve industrial systems. Its objective is an optimal and sustainable use of resources including all economic activities.

An innovative management of material, water, energy, information and waste flows strengthens the economic competitivity and image of companies, industrial estates, cities or regions, whilst reducing their environmental impact.

To ensure that this vision is a daily occurrence and not just a meaningless sentence in a strategic plan, SOFIES offers eco-industrial solutions and adheres to the following working principles:

  • Concrete and tailor-made consultancy services
  • Focus on solutions instead of overinvesting in problems analysis
  • Building strong international networks with industrial ecology champions, international organizations and governments
  • Investing in partnerships with aligned companies and top quality specialized consultants

Our mission

Thanks to the tools of industrial ecology, SOFIES answers to the constraints of a finite world, by:

  • Implementing efficient supply chains for resource and energy management on a territory
  • Optimizing the environmental performance of a specific product, service, organization or territory

SOFIES is committed to support economic actors and authorities by providing realistic, suitable and economically viable solutions to the issues of resources overexploitation and ecosystems degradation