Soilmoisture Equipment Corp.

Soilmoisture Equipment Corp.

Soilmoisture Equipment Corp. Manufacturer of soil moisture equipment. Products available are augers, sampling, and sieving equipment; extractors, porous plates, and membranes; laboratory setups; lysimeters and soil water samplers; moisture and salinity sensors; penetrometers; permeameters and flow cells; plant water status consoles; porous ceramics, plates, cups, and rods; tensiometers; and time domain reflectometries (TDR). Equipment rentals are available. We make equipment to last. Built for the professional using the very best materials and technologies in assuring you quality product. For over 6 decades Soilmoisture has provided superior equipment and outstanding service to 3 generations of valued customers like you. With dealers located worldwide, our global perspective and superior service are the keys that make us your vendor choice year after year.

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801 S. Kellogg Ave , Goleta , California 93117 USA
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Soil and Groundwater Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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It all began over 50 years ago when our founder, P.E. Skaling, joined the staff of the U.S. Salinity Laboratory in Riverside, California. While there, he participated in soils/moisture research, and built the first Pressure Membrane Extractor and First Tensiometers (an instrument that is now accepted and used on a global basis).

The Pressure Membrane Extractor, and subsequent ceramic plate extractors, first commercially available from Soilmoisture, made it possible to characterize the moisture-holding capacities of soils. Our revolutionary tools radically transformed irrigation practices, allowing for the establishment of soil-moisture standards now used worldwide

Soilmoisture continues the tradition of being the first to develop new technologies. One such technology is Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR); a process that measures the dielectric constant of materials to derive moisture content. We began our work on this new technology in 1984, and since then we have developed the world's most complete TDR instrument system. This company is rich in adding new and innovative instrumentation and techniques to research community..

As early as 1939, geologists and others recognized a relationship between the dielectric properties of soil, rock and other materials, and their moisture content. However, they lacked the instrumentation necessary to make full use of it. Time Domain Reflectometry, commonly known as TDR, largely developed as the result of World War II radar research, offered a method to define these dielectric relationships. With the advent of commercial TDR research oscilloscopes in the early 1960's, it became feasable to test this new technology. Today, TDR technology is the 'cutting edge' methodology for many diverse applications including the determination of basic soil water, material/water relationships. Soilmoisture Equipment Corp. began work on this new technology, and developed the world's most complete and advanced system Trase.

Trase utilizes the principle of TDR in order to convert the travel time of a high frequency, electromagnetic pulse into volumetric water content. In practice Trase generates a fast-rise pulse and sends it at the speed of light down a transmission line consisting of two parallel Waveguides that are inserted or buried in the soil. The velocity of propagation of the high frequency, broad band 3GHz wave in soil is determined primarily by the water content. The wave is reflected from the open ends of the Waveguides and returns along the original path. By microprocessor, the travel time of the wave is used to directly calculate the dielectric constant of the soil. The actual TDR wave form is displayed on the high resolution graphic LCD display for storage and interpretation. The actual time delay and correlated volumetric water content are also digitally displayed on screen.

Trase uses the latest technology of instrumentation specifically designed to give research scientists, commercial growers, and consultants the power and flexibility to measure and log water relationships of soils and other materials by fast, accurate, easy to use TDR methods. The convenient full featured push button ease of use, and the large graphic display of the TDR waveform, is made possible by a new, very sophisticated and powerful SMT hybrid step pulser and new modular software programs. Trase has been engineered to meet your current and future needs, and has the capability to accept new software and hardware offered by Soilmoisture.

Trase is the only self-contained TDR instrument capable of investigating and monitoring not only soils, but a wide variety of other materials as well. It is fully field portable, and when you need to leave it at a remote site for several days or weeks, it can be accessed from home or office. On site, Trase quickly measures the dielectric and subsequent moisture properties of soil, seeds, or other materials at a specific location, or, with the optional Trase Multiplexer, at up to 256 locations. Trase automatically logs your sensors at intervals ranging from once a minute to once a day. Using diverse waveguide configurations and associated conversion tables, Trase rapidly measures new or unusual materials. (Soilmoisture can supply these nonstandard TDR tools or you can develop your own). Your ability to make a measurement using Trase is limited only by your imagination and creativity.