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  • Moisture & Salinity Sensors

  • Model 5201F1 Series - Soilmoisture G-Block

    Model 5201F1 Series - Soilmoisture G-Block

    G-Blocks are the most cost effective method of tracking your water and subsurface moisture by electronic means. The blocks have been designed to provide the largest resistance range possible at the moist end of use, where sensitive plants need monitoring. The large gypsum content of the block provides months of buffering soil solutions to ensure that you're really reading water content and not salinity or fertilizers. They are easy to install and...

  • Model 5500 - Salinity Bridge

    Model 5500 - Salinity Bridge

    The Model 5500 Salinity Bridge provides a means of measuring salinity values in the soil solution without continuous disturbance to the soil profile. The efficiency of measurement, both in the field and in laboratory setups, makes it possible to substantially increase the pace of scientific investigation and to observe dynamic changes in salinity values. Reads out directly in mmho/cm corrected to 25 C. Provides measurement of conductivity in the range...