Sol-Air Systems Inc.

Sol-Air Systems’ line of patented proprietary UV Air Decontamination Technologies eliminates odors, bacteria, viruses and molds for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Globally, air quality issues are posing escalating risks on health and the environment. Odors, bacteria, viruses and molds are causing significant problems in industries such as wastewater, oil and gas, fire and flood, agriculture, health and travel. Pressure is increasing from industry, government and lobby groups to find safe solutions to address these issues.

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3839-3151 Lakeshore Dr , Kelowna , BC V1W 3S9 Canada

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Air and Climate - Air Pollution Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Sol-Air Systems’ line of patented proprietary UV Air Decontamination Technologies is uniquely positioned to address these issues. Sol-Air’s chemical-free, safe, and proven systems are unparalleled for improving air quality.

Sol-Air Systems Inc. (“Sol-Air”) is a privately owned Canadian incorporated company based in Kelowna, BC.  Since 2001, Sol-Air has been engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of air decontamination systems for general public and industrial use, utilizing innovative and proprietary UV (ultraviolet) light technology.

A Fortunate Partnership

In 2002, DynaCorp International Inc., an Edmonton based environmental solutions company, and its President/CEO, Kerry Saunders, recognized the technology of Sol-Air as a grossly under-utilized asset that had applications far beyond those currently being utilized by Sol-Air. Ms. Saunders approached Sol-Air and obtained for DynaCorp the exclusive rights to market the technology in “the food and agricultural production, processing and distribution industries and in the related elimination/recycling of organic and inorganic wastes and by products from said industries” where Ms. Saunders envisioned a very material market.

In February 2003, while working on a proposal involving Sol-Air technology for the largest hog producer in the world, Ms. Saunders and her team recognized an incredible business opportunity in acquiring Sol-Air Systems Inc. and over the next month negotiated agreements to purchase 100% of the equity of Sol-Air.  Sol-Air Systems Inc. became an independent subsidiary of DynaCorp International Inc. in May 2003, with Kerry Saunders as President and CEO.

Innovation and Research

Through continued research, the Sol-Air team, in partnerships with universities, engineers and biologists, has continued its commitment to producing the best air decontamination systems possible. Modifications and new components were introduced to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the UV process on decontaminating air.  Sol-Air research and development has produced better proprietary UV lamps, quieter and more efficient motors for air movement and improvement to the electrical design.

New Markets

The Sol-Air team, seeing the effectiveness of the UV process, has explored other venues for air decontamination.  The Sol-Air decontamination process can be used for more than just removing nuisance odors, it can be used to make an environment healthier for those who must work or live in it.  

Through innovative technology, progressive research and development, and the focused drive to lead the air decontamination industry through excellence, Sol-Air strives to globally enhance the quality of life. Staying true to our mission in improving the air quality of our planet, Sol-Air will be working closely with humanitarian projects to ensure that quality of life will be enhanced world-wide. Hospitals built in third-world countries will be carrying the Sol-Air technology in order to stop the spread of infectious disease and harmful bacteria. Sol-Air decontaminates the air we breathe.