Sol Environment - Solétanche Bachy Group

Sol Environment, is the Remediation expert for Soletanche Bachy (Group VINCI), the world leader for ground works. Sol Environment operates on 4 fields of expertise, in which we have acknowledged techniques and know-how. Polluted site remediation to the purpose of redevelopment : oxidation, reduction, solidification/stabilization, biological treatment, excavation, Deep pollution source excavation including sources located underneath existing buildings, Groundwater cleanup including in situ treatment of source zones and plume control, Industrial ponds and lagoons remediation including sludge dewatering and treatment. Sol Environment also offers a range of services for job site effluent treatment (dewatering wastes, sludge, polluted soils). We have two locations in France and are global players thanks to the Soletanche Bachy and Ménard world-wide networks.

Company details

22-24 rue Lavoisier, Bât B , Nanterre , 92500 France

Locations Served

Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Soil and Groundwater
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Building a future for polluted sites
Sol Environment, is the Remediation expert for Soletanche Bachy (Group VINCI), the world leader for ground works.
Inheriting a 20 year experience in this field, we design remediation solutions by advantageously combining our own in situ oriented technologies with the field’s common techniques.

Strongly focused on innovation, we are also actively involved in respecting the commitment we make towards our clients and in respecting the safety and health of our co-workers.

This is why we are LNE certified.

Sol Environment is OHSAS 18001 certified and has the LNE contractor certification in the field of polluted sites and soils (B and C areas)

Innovation is at the heart of Sol Environment’s strategy.

Our innovation approach is action-based and driven by the needs identified on the job site and the technologies controlled by the Sol Environment and Soletanche Bachy engineers. Our innovation is rapidly operational and takes into account job site constraints from the very start.

Our Means

  • A doctor dedicated to R&D, several engineer project managers,
  • The group’s R&D department,
  • The materials lab in Montereau (77),
  • A network of technological partners.

Our On-Going Projects

Sol Environment takes part in collaborative R&D projects in the frame of public support programs.

  • The BENTOVAL project is supported by the Ademe and aims at developing new drilling sludge recycling methods
  • Sol Environment takes part in the SILPHES project which tackles chlorinated solvents pollution and their treatments.
  • Other projects are being launched, addressing in particular Arsenic issues.

Awards and Achievements

VINCI and FNTP (Soletanche Bachy) Award for innovation for the sewer cleaner

A large portfolio of patents


  • 1st time use of a 800mm-diameter Springsol in August 2013
  • Reaching a record 30m-depth using Springsol in November 2012
  • 1st time in-situ treatment of chlorinated solvents through systematic porosity injection of Fe0 in November 2012
  • Installing more than 5000 lm of Sleeved tubing using HiDrill in June 2012
  • 1st time use of Springsol for In-situ treatment of chlorinated solvents with Fe0 in June 2012
  • 1st time in situ treatment of Mercury pollution through injection in 2009
  • 1st time 10m-deep Trenchmix barrier in 2006