Solge Corporation

Solge Corporation

Founded in 1999 as the Korean franchise partner of Noria Corporation in the USA. Holding Noria Public Seminars (POA 1&2, ML 1&2) regularly in Korea for over 10 years as well as on-site seminars if required. Provides consulting services and solutions for lubrication and maintenance problems of plant lubrication systems to Korean industrial field. Provides a highly reputable oil analysis program in Korea including Spectroscopy, FT-IR, Viscosity, Particle count, Particulate morphology analysis, Ferrography, PQ index, Moisture, Oxidation stability, Acid number, Base number and more. Supplies the implements for lubrication maintenance; Filtering machines, Sampling- kits, Air breathers, Greasing implements etc. Supplies oil analysis equipments; Spectrometer, Particle counter, Viscometer, FT-IR, PQ instrument as well as oil condition monitoring systems equipped with on-line particle counter and on-line moisture sensor.

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1000 Shindang-Dong, Dalseo-gu , Daegu , 704-701 South Korea

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Manufacturing, Other
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Internationally (various countries)