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  • Displacement Transducers

  • Geokon - Model 4400 VW - Embedment Jointmeters

    Geokon - Model 4400 VW - Embedment Jointmeters

    The Model 4400 Embedment Jointmeter is designed for use across construction joints, such as those between adjacent blocks in a concrete dam. It is normally embedded across the joint to monitor the expansion or contraction of the joint. The use of internal universal joints allows for a degree of shearing motion.

  • Model 4410 VW - Strandmeters

    Model 4410 VW - Strandmeters

    The Model 4410 Strandmeter is designed to measure strains in tendons and steel cables. Two clamps at each end of the strandmeter hold it firmly onto the cable. Various size clamps are available.