Solvay Chemicals, Inc.

Solvay Chemicals is a model of sustainable chemistry, dedicating nearly 150 years to developing and delivering innovative solutions to markets and customers around the world. Sharing that rich legacy in North America, Solvay delivers: One of the broadest and deepest portfolios of chemical products aimed at such critical applications as pollution control, water treatment, pharmaceutical and consumer packaging, among many others, Dynamic careers in leading technical fields at the forefront of meeting the global challenges society faces, Sustainable practices, including the world’s first process to reclaim sodium carbonate waste and turn it into sodium bicarbonate solutions that treat emissions of coal-fired power plants.

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3333 Richmond Avenue , Houston , Texas 77098 USA

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Chemical & Pharmaceuticals
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Globally (various continents)

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Solvay Chemicals in North America delivers on the promise founder Ernest Solvay made more than a century ago – to harness the power of chemistry to help solve mankind’s challenges and improve the quality of life for every generation.

Solvay Chemicals delivers on the Group’s sustainable business strategy, providing products that help its customers develop solutions in critical markets and applications, including renewable energy, pollution control and crop production. Solvay is also dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint by delivering:

The world’s first process to reclaim sodium carbonate waste, turning it into SOLVAir Select 300 sodium bicarbonate which is used to treat the emissions of coal-fired power plants

A first-of-its-kind process to capture and re-use methane gas vented from its Green River, Wyoming trona mining operations, reducing CO2 emissions by more than 300,000 metric tons a year

An ethylene production plant in Brazil that relies solely on renewable raw materials as a feedstock


Solvay Chemicals, Inc. and its subsidiary Solvay Fluorides, LLC, are part of the Solvay Group, the leading global producer of hydrogen peroxide, soda ash, sodium bicarbonate, and sodium percarbonate. In markets ranging from alternative energy, automotive, pharmaceuticals, pulp & paper and many others, Solvay Chemicals delivers its customers in North America one of the broadest and deepest product portfolios available.

Headquartered in Houston, Solvay Chemicals has seven manufacturing and multiple distribution sites serving the region. From these locations, the company supports its chemicals, fluorides and SOLVAir businesses. A Responsible Care company, Solvay Chemicals and its businesses are dedicated to continuing the legacy of founder Ernest Solvay by developing, manufacturing and marketing products and solutions that will help meet the sustainable challenges of the present and future.