When chemicals give nature a helping hand by liberating oxygen into soil, Solvay helps to bring life back to polluted soil with a complete range of chemicals. IXPER Calcium Peroxide (slow release of oxygen for bioremediation), INTEROX Hydrogen Peroxide and OXYPER Sodium Percarbonate are part of this full range of dedicated high performance products for soil remediation.

About Us

Channel Management - Mission & Responsibilities

he Solvay Chemicals International Channel Management is a logical progression of combining the Distribution Marketing Unit with the e-business management unit.

The Channel Management team will provide Solvay Chemicals International with all possible ways of gaining access to the market. Within this Multi-Channel Management we serve our customers through:

  • prime contact with our sales & marketing teams organized by Business Units
  • e-channel supporting our sales & marketing teams:
    • http://www.solvay4me.com the main window into our ERP for all our customers
  • traditional distributors as indirect contact serving the small customer segment on our behalf

Who are we?
We are a small team within the Solvay Chemicals Sector that are dedicated to the Multi-Channel sales management of our chemical products.

Focusing on customer satisfaction, Solvay has defined its mission as:
'To provide quality and cost effective chemicals, pharmaceuticals and related products and services, and in turn, to ensure that the quality of life of an increasing number of human beings is improved'.
In line with Solvay’s mission, channel management has defined its own mission:

  • To define, apply and coordinate on a worldwide basis, a multi-channel communication approach that will adapt to fulfil various 'product' strategies as defined by the Business Units, taking advantage of existing synergies between the different chemicals in our range.
  • To improve the service we provide to our end customers.

To define, review and adjust the general policy of the distribution channel.

  • To define terms of partnership and collaboration.
  • To draft and conclude contracts.
  • To monitor contract fulfilment.
  • To assure legal compliance with international competition laws
  • To analyze and to optimize the Chemical Sectors distribution channel.
  • To promote and guide customers to the most suitable sales channel to meet their needs.


Nearly 10 years after the internet hype, the e-channels of today are well integrated into Solvay Chemicals International’s multi channel offers.

Our e-channel offers are adapted for different business processes and for different partners, customer or logistics service providers in various market segments, and are listed below:

  • SCI Extranet offerings for multiple services over the completed order-to-cash cycle with functionalities like:
    • ordering, order tracking and call-off management
    • statistics and document management
    • financial account status

and more specifically

  • Our web-portal Extranet for versatile and individual information exchange with customers
  • Our web-solutions for Logistics service providers
  • Our terminal and warehouse management provider.

Don’t miss our SOLVAY4me demo

  • B2B/System to System integrations with our partners, preferably through Elemica, THE Chemicals Industry’s global B2B-Hub.
  • Electronic Billing Services, in full compliance with the European Directive 2001/115/EC as well as the main national laws having transposed that directive
  • either as PDF-format in an e-mail attached with advanced electronic signature
  • or in xml invoice format System-to-System-Integration attached with advanced electronic signature and the respective verification report (provided by and sent through Elemica).

 The Solvay e-billing solution is today validated in more than 15 European countries and offers various considerable values for our partners.

As e-business is today part of the Multi-Channel-Management of Solvay Chemicals International, we are proud to be counted worldwide amongst the chemical industry leaders in this field.



The Solvay group is investing heavily in the development of a wide range of internet based services for customers around the world.

The secure extranet, Solvay4me, offers Solvay Chemicals customers a web-browser system for placing and tracking orders for Solvay Chemicals products. The advantage of this system is that it offers the convenience of 24hr/7day access to placing/amending orders or tracking deliveries within Solvay Chemicals ERP system. It has been designed to be extremely easy to use and is available to all existing customers around the world. The only requirement for customers is that your relevant personnel have access to both internet and e-mail.




Battelle International Bioremediation Symposium, Pollutec Horizons 2011

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Industry Type:
Soil and Groundwater - Soil and Groundwater Treatment

Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

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