Sonford Samplers

Sonford Samplers

Sonford Company manufactures high quality composite samplers for industrial effluent and municipal raw sewage. The Sonford Model TC-3 is a flow-through, dipper type sampler designed for permanent installations and provides reliable hands-off performance, requiring only minimal cleaning and maintenance. The refrigeration unit for sample storage is UL Listed for safety and uses non-CFC R134a refrigerant. The condenser is fan cooled and the thermostat provides a temperature range from 1o to 7o C.

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8287 214th Street West , Lakeville , Minnesota 55044 USA

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Nationally (across the country)
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Sonford Samplers, located in Lakeville, Minnesota, was established in the late 1970’s. The samplers were originally developed for the Minneapolis-St. Paul Sanitary District Wastewater Treatment Plant, where they are still in use. In 1994, Sonford Samplers was purchased by International Chemtex Corporation. Since that purchase, Sonford has received numerous improvements to design, production and especially the control panel. Constant attention is paid to the control panel because we strive to stay on top of technological advances that benefit you, the end user. In 2003 we introduced a new model, the TC-4. We added this new model to create a more diverse model line and to give the customer a more economical choice for their sampling needs. In the future we look to expand all facets of Sonford Samplers while retaining our outstanding customer service and dynamic company philosophies. Plants of all sizes throughout the US use Sonford Samplers. A user list is available on request.

Sonford Samplers are pneumatically driven, flow-through, dipper-type refrigerated composite samplers for process water, industrial waste and municipal raw sewage and effluent. The unique Sonford Sampling method simulates the technique of grab sampling for superior solids handling. Sonford Samplers are permanent installations for continuous composite sampling and will free your personnel for other duties. With all stainless steel construction and the most advanced and user friendly Touch Screen Control Panel, Sonford Samplers provide the most reliable, representative and accurate solution for any sampling need. Sonford Samplers can be found taking composite flow, time, and 'on-demand' samples in wastewater treatment facilities and industrial applications of all sizes and environments.

Sonford Samplers automatically collect and refrigerate composite samples by a pneumatic cylinder and open cup to maintain accuracy and reliability. The sampling arm and cup are located above the sample stream and the cup enters the sampling stream only during the sampling event. The system requires little maintenance and plant personnel will not spend time clearing clogged sample tubing or replacing worn tubing from a peristaltic pump.

The main advantage of a Sonford Sampler is simplicity. The sampling device is a 30 mL open cup which is large enough to permit sampling all sizes of suspended solids normally found in wastewater flows. The solids in the waste stream do not plug sample tubing and are not dewatered by a peristaltic or diaphragm pump. Since the entire sample is removed when the cup is overturned, solids will not remain in the cup or plug the mechanism. Sample size is consistent regardless of the solids content. As a result, the sample is a precise, true representation of the actual flow.