The SOPTIM corporation has been operating the field of consulting and services independently for 1971. 161 staff members specialized in the various disciplines such as engineering, computer sciences, as well as economics and science design customized solutions – custom-made, independent of producers, and focused on utility - SOPTIM realizes the solutions in a goal oriented and cost-conscious way. Besides power supply and waste management corporations, major enterprises operating the field of industry and trade are among our constituency.

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Im Süsterfeld 5-7 , Aachen , 52072 Germany
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Engineering service provider
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Nationally (across the country)
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SOPTIM AG puts itself totally and exclusively in the service of the energy industry. We are an active and integral part of the market. We have excellent knowledge of the industry and a profound methodical knowledge. This is the basis and guarantee for a noticeable competitive edge and economic success of our customers.

We work dialog-orientedly in cooperation with our customers. With our customers we analyze the tasks and develop a solution that provides maximum efficiency. Excellent processes, structures and technologies, all in line with the market, are the pillars of our strategy - combined with the focused consolidation of expertise across all business areas.


Corporate culture - the tie that keeps everything together

'culture is not visible, it is the invisible tie that holds things together' according to french ethicist joseph joubert. This is true in general and in particular for the corporate culture of soptim - our ideals and the way of interaction with each other.

Just how precious a good culture is becomes obvious when imagining a life in unculture. What would we accomplish if unreliability, envy, arrogance, mistrust, dishonesty and other vices would characterize our co-existence?


We are convinced that positive energy only allows sustainable success and motivates maximum performance.

Soptim is a medium-sized company with a climate of constructiveness, recognition and mutual respect. These values form the basis for our daily actions. They are expressed in our strategy, structure, guidelines, processes, leadership principles and symbols.

A good corporate culture is not an end in itself and must not be confused with an inflated need to feel good or an inability to deal with conflicts. On the contrary. Only in a positive, trusting atmosphere there can be open discussions and flights of thoughts. And this is what strength and ideas grow from. Better ideas. More innovative and better performing products and services.

Primarily it is our performance that convinces our customers. But a positive mindset in personal contact is also important. As is well known, openness and trust boost the success of a project. That is why we - for the benefit of both parties - want to be as pleasant a partner as possible for our customers.