Sotax AG

Sotax AG

We are the leading global provider of complete testing solutions for Research and Development (R&D), Quality Control (QC), and In-Process Control (IPC) departments of the pharmaceutical industry. Our instruments, software, and services are recognized by our customers worldwide as the industry benchmark for best-in-class solutions. SOTAX helps pharmaceutical companies worldwide in overcoming the various challenges associated with feasibility studies, method development, method automation, method validation, and method transfer.

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Nordring 1 , Aesch , 4147 Switzerland
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Globally (various continents)

The SOTAX Group is a leader in providing automated dissolution testing systems, sample prep workstations for content uniformity and assay testing, and tablet testing instruments for the pharmaceutical, medical device, biopharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries. We offer complete system integration with method development, qualification and maintenance contracts. The SOTAX Group has offices in Switzerland, the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Thailad, India, and China with a vast global distribution network for local support and service solutions. Visit us at


Innovation is a key element in who we are. We believe that product innovation is only useful if it responds to real customer needs and creates added value. It is our goal to continuously build and cultivate a strong product development team that is able to develop all key products, software, and services in-house.

Our People.

SOTAX values skilled, highly capable and enterprising staff who work for the greater good of the company, combining a sense of individual responsibility with team spirit. We also encourage creativity and personal skills through ongoing training. Our employees cultivate a positive corporate culture through a friendly, open approach to both their fellow workers and our partners.

Our Customers.

The customer is in the centre of our activities. His satisfaction is our goal and quality standard. We set great store by efficiency and professionalism in meeting customer requirements. We also work with customers to turn visions for our business operations and future development into reality.

Our suppliers

SOTAX sees its relationship with its suppliers as a partnership. Suppliers are expected to contribute to our joint success through their efficiency and professionalism.

Our environment

We have a keen sense of our economic and social responsibility, and our actions, products and services make a significant contribution to protecting our environment.

Core Competence.

Our core competences determine our identity. They cannot easily be imitated and are considered unique selling propositions (USPs) from a customer's point of view. We master and continuously improve the following core competencies:

  • Application expertise in all areas where our products are used
  • Engineering expertis, in particular the combination of precision mechanics, electronics, software, automation, and system integration
  • Expertise in applicable quality standards, norms, and regulations
  • Operational expertise, namely to run a global organization with local centers in Europe, North America, and Asia
  • Global distribution and service expertise


Our Mission.

We innovate.

To be innovative in everything we do enables us to stay ahead of competition and serve the best interests of our customers.

We deliver high quality.

Whatever we do is done with the high ambition to deliver the promised high quality at first attempt.

We like to serve.

It is our attitude to serve our customers with a true readiness to surpass their expectations, every day.

We focus on results.

Whatever we do has clear goals and contributes positively to our result as a company.

We work as a team.

Our success is based on skilled, motivated, driven, confident, and team-oriented employees.

We care.

We respect the law and industry regulations at all times. We treat our stakeholders fairly and behave responsibly toward the environment