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Sotrad Water

Sotrad Water has been created to design, manufacture, commercialize and install water treatment station that produces between 1m³ and 100m³ of clean drinking water per hour. Using ultra filtration technology, we treat ground and surface water in a three step process that ensures an excellent quality of drinking water that is consistent with the world health organization standards for safe drinking water. Sotrad Water offers a large range of water purification solutions which are adapted for humanitarian missions as well as industrial needs.

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Chaussée de Louvain, 435 , Lasne , 1380 Belgium
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Water and Wastewater
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Safe drinking water is a vital element for the human life. Despite the growing sanitary evolution through the world each 36,000 people still die by lack of safe drinking water.

Strength of this observation, our engineers have developed water treatment units which are adapted to the needs and resources of decentralized communities which are generally the more affected by the water diseases.

Sotrad water proposes two different units that don’t require fossil energy and few consumables to run. Indeed to reduce the difficulty of access to safe drinking water Sotrad Water has developed a manual water pump and a solar water pump.

The socio-economic development of these communities starts with a good health of their inhabitants.


A firm that is implanted in a remote area must ensure the supply of safe drinking water for its employees and its industrial needs.

Keen to support and contribute to the development of these industries, Sotrad implements and deploy water filtration solution in order to respond to their specifics requirements. We are ensuring high quality water in order to secure the well being and the good health of the workers in addition to respect the environment.

The water treatment station design is for each case different even if the objective still the same. In a first step we operate to the precise survey of the needs in order to propose the most adapted solution in technical way but also in economical way.

Once the survey is done, we start the conception and the engineering of the station before to pre assemble the unit in our workshop in order to simplify the installation on site and make sure everything is efficient.


Present in over 15 African countries, in latin america and Haiti, Sotrad Water is specialized in water treatment solutions. The headquarter located in Belgium, is responsible for the design, production, commercialization and installation of water treatment station. Our units have a flow rate varying between 1m³ to 100m³of treated water per hour and are able to treat microbiologic contaminated water.

Notre entreprise de traitement de l'eau

Thanks to a hard work in research and development and by combining a set of high technologies we are able to propose radical water treatment system in addition to different and innovative water storage solutions.

Our extensive experience and knowledge of the realities in emerging countries allows us to adapt our products to local needs. For this reason, Sotrad Water treatment units are turnkey, easy to use and maintain and very durable in extreme conditions with a low rate of consumable and energy consumption.

Sotrad Water develops water treatment solutions according to different axes:

Compacts and easily transportable units.

Each axe has its own characteristics and applications in order to reach the rural areas as well as the urban one.

Industrial sector; petroleum, mining, remote camp, agro alimentary…
Population sector; small villages and communities till public water treatment, hospital, NGO’s, armies…

Based in the periphery of Brussels, the heart of Europe, our hands-on teams are available to respond quickly and efficiently to all needs and requirements throughout the world. Moreover, Sotrad Water has numerous offices in the African Continent guaranteeing an effective response to installation and maintenance operations.