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  • SoundPLAN - Noise Modeling Software Modules

  • SoundPLAN - Version 8.0 - Geo-Database / Manager / Library Module

    SoundPLAN - Version 8.0 - Geo-Database / Manager / Library Module

    Software that is structured like your consulting project. SoundPLAN is structured like any sensible consulting project. Organize the acoustical data of machines and vehicles, place the numbers into the library and then generate the basic model with its geometry. Match it with the acoustics (or air pollution) specific definitions. Merge different content from imported geometry and bitmaps with machine/traffic data from the library and complement it...

  • SoundPLAN - Noise Mapping for Road / Railway / Distributed Computing Module

    SoundPLAN - Noise Mapping for Road / Railway / Distributed Computing Module

    The road and railway modules consist of 2 main parts; the emission calculation and the propagation calculation. The emission calculation is always performed inside the Geo-Database where the vehicle numbers for various vehicle categories, the speed of the vehicles, and the road/rail surfaces are fed into a calculation that results in the emission level. The emission level can be the sound power or a sound pressure level in a given reference distance...

  • SoundPLAN - Industrial Noise Indoors and Outdoors Module

    SoundPLAN - Industrial Noise Indoors and Outdoors Module

    Industrial Noise indoors and outdoors with Noise Transmission. The SoundPLAN industrial noise modeling is unique. All questions of frequency dependant noise can be simulated whether it is purely an indoor problem, a receiver outside that needs to be assessed for outside sources, or a complex problem with the source inside an industrial building and a receiver on another building. The simulations inside industrial buildings are completely integrated...

  • SoundPLAN - Noise Maps - Grid / Facade / Meshed Module

    SoundPLAN - Noise Maps - Grid / Facade / Meshed Module

    SoundPLAN is a noise planning tool with the capabilities to either analyze single receiver locations to infinite depth or to calculate and present noise maps. A description of the dry facts of the tabular alphanumerical documentation is available under Tools / Documentation / Interfaces. This section offers a glimpse of the noise maps. In principle SoundPLAN offers 3 types of noise maps, the Façade Noise Map, the Grid Noise Mapand the Meshed...

  • SoundPLAN - Aircraft Noise Module

    SoundPLAN - Aircraft Noise Module

    As not every aircraft lands as whisper quiet as this one, SoundPLAN noise modeling is needed! In contrast to the standard aircraft noise models, SoundPLAN makes it possible to depict a comprehensive noise picture of the flight operations around airports. Aircraft taxi, start, and land, but there are also the ground operations of engine run-up, auxiliary power units, carts of rattling baggage containers, air conditioning and traffic sources....

  • SoundPLAN - Tools / Documentation / Interfaces Module

    SoundPLAN - Tools / Documentation / Interfaces Module

    In SoundPLAN special tools are found at every corner of the program supporting you in getting the best results out of noise modeling/planning software and to present your findings optimally. A lot of the tools are already included in the basic start-kits. The Documentation and the basic Spreadsheet are tools that go well beyond what many expect from planning software. In order to fully understand the extent of the tools, a software trial is the only...

  • SoundPLAN - Graphics Concepts / Module

    SoundPLAN - Graphics Concepts / Module

    With the SoundPLAN Graphics you not only describe the findings of your particular job, you also set standards in presentations that count for the next jobs. SoundPLAN is designed to seamlessly integrate the creation of stunning graphics for multiple maps, multiple result types and result files into your project. No need to export data to a graphics package that has difficulty coping with a world coordinate system, no messing with the interpolation of...