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  • Basic Modules

  • SoundPLAN - Geographical Database - GDB

    SoundPLAN - Geographical Database - GDB

    If SoundPLAN has one single ‘basic’ module, this is it. GDB contains the complete software infrastructure for preparing, describing and managing all input data. Also the capability to produce multiple scenarios from the same input data is hosted by GDB. Input data can be accomplished by directly interfacing with a digitiser or by digitising on screen on top of a background bitmap. GDB includes import/export of dxf, txt, asc and xyz in all...

  • SoundPLAN - Road Noise Propagation Software

    SoundPLAN - Road Noise Propagation Software

    These modules host the propagation standards, guidelines, methods, models etc that are implemented in SoundPLAN. In this way the type of noise the license can handle depends on which propagation modules are licensed. The Nordic models for predicting road and rail noise, Nordic Prediction Method for Road Traffic Noise 1996, Nordic Prediction Method for Rail Noise 1996 and NORD2000 are fully implemented. All major international standards are...

  • SoundPLAN - Indoor Factory Noise - IFN

    SoundPLAN - Indoor Factory Noise - IFN

    With the sound power of machinery as input data the sound pressure distribution in the room can be calculated and directly linked to the transmission through the building construction in order to estimate the radiation into the environment. Also sound pressure levels measured indoors can be used as input data for the transmission calculation. Calculation results are sound pressure level indoor as well as outdoors, reverberation time, equivalent...