Southwater LLC

Southwater LLC

Turnkey water & waste water treatment systems. Containerized & packaged systems. Full Desalination & Brackish water conversion to potable water. Reuse treatment systems for industrial waste water. Tertiary treatment for all types of waste water. High performance multi-media systems. Produced water treatment. Trihalomethane monitoring and mitigation systems.

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6897 Philips Parkway Drive North , Jacksonville , Florida 32256 USA

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)

Southwater offers new and innovative solutions for the water and wastewater industries. We are ready to apply our 35 years of experience and our state of the art technologies to provide you with the solutions you need.

Sales & Engineering

  • Our Team has the experience and expertise to provide you with highest value science based solution using proven systems and the latest technological advancements available.
  • We have both manufacturer sales engineers and full service environmental, water & wastewater resource management and complete project development engineers available.
  • Working together to provide sustainable solutions.

Cutting Edge Technologies

  • Online Real Time Trihalomethane Monitoring.
  • Disinfection By Products Precursor Removal
  • Drinking Water Purification via Fresh, Brackish Or Salt.
  • High Performance Multi-Media Filtration.
  • Oil & Gas Produced Water treatment.
  • Advanced Industrial Water & Wastewater Treatment.
  • Packaged Water & Wastewater systems.
  • Bio-Augmentation.
  • Cloud Based Utility Management Software

Global Service

Our systems are in use in over 20 Counties around the world. We are ready to provide the most advanced solutions available to where they are needed.