Sparta Manufacturing Corp.

Sparta Manufacturing Corp.

Sparta Manufacturing builds for the Agriculture, Timber, and Construction Businesses. Our Hopper Bottom Grain Trailer is a very high quality product that will take the abuse that we farmers and plantation owners hand out to them. We strive to build the very best Steel Hopper Bottom Grain Trailer in the USA. Our Logging are also a premium product that performs well in the mud and uneven terrain that we have in the forest. Look at our Forestry , we have Four 4 bolster log as well as Plantation , you may call them Possum Belly or drop belly , whatever you call them we build and service them. Also in our shop we can build Pup logging and pintle hitch that are very heavy for off road use or in the mill yard with 120,000 LB suspension on them. We can completely rebuild your log trailer back to near new specs.

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Tallulah , Louisiana 71282 USA
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Sparta Manufacturing Corporation was founded in July, 1993 by Gary and Nancy Strobel as an alternative source of income and also to try to build a less expensive Hopper Bottom Trailer for the farmer.  In 1993, Sparta manufactured it's first trailer in a small shop in Tallulah, Louisiana with only himself and one employees.

In 1994 Sparta moved it's operations to Mound, Louisiana just East of Tallulah on I-20 Hwy at MOUND, LOUISIANA (EXIT 182). Since the move sales have grown continuously. Sparta has since built over Six Hundred (600) trailers. The trailers have been sold in thirty states and Mexico. Sparta's products are considered to be a premium steel trailer in the industry. Selling at a higher retail against it's competitors. Their quality of welding and strength of design are what continue to expand the rapidly growing market. With most components made in the USA, it is a product that you can be proud to own.  Sparta Trailers combine the best aspects of construction in the USA today.  With lengths of 20' to 53',and heights of 63' to 114' and widths of 96' or 102'.  With a load capacity of 780 to 3800+ cubic feet, the all American made trailer will handle your needs very well. Sparta's main products are Grain Hopper Trailers for use on farming operations. The trailers are designed primarily for agricultural usage.  Sparta also manufacture Stainless Steel Hopper Trailers for use in the fertilizer  industry and other corrosive products. Other products that we offer are specialty use high capacity steel trailers and pressurized high slope trailers.

In 1998 Sparta won the prestigious Lantern Award for the state of Louisiana. In the same year our Four Bolster and Plantation Style Log Trailers came into being as of Sept. 1998, and with them came Loader Trailers, and Loader Delimber trailers, Skidder trailers, and lowboy trailers both 35 ton and 50 ton styles for the Forest Industry.

Also in 1998 as a result of our high strength Log Trailer frame came Sugar Cane trailers in a Joint Venture project with Tensas Machine and Manufacturing Company.

Then in 1999 came our Bottom Dump or Belly Dump Gravel Trailers as some people call them. They were added as of November 1999. These Belly Dump trailers are high quality smooth side trailers to empty easily with a minimum of material remaining inside because of the smooth interior.

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