Spatial Wave, Inc.

Spatial Wave, Inc.

Spatial Wave, Inc.

Spatial Wave delivers high-quality, innovative software products to customers seeking to maximize the benefit from an investment in GIS. Spatial Wave`s software products bring both GIS benefits and easy access to critical workflow data in the office and in the field. Spatial Wave products have been perfected over the past 25 years with experience delivering GIS solutions to all levels of government agencies as well as private companies. We are a company that not only cares about, but is firmly committed to the success of our customers. SPATIAL WAVE is committed to delivering high-quality, innovative products to satisfy your needs. Contact us if you are interested in our software.

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23461 S.Pointe Drive, Suite 300 , Laguna Hills , California 92653 USA
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Business Type:
Software vendor
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Soil and Groundwater
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)

Spatial Wave™: Your preferred GIS software provider.\r\nUtilizing state of the art software engineering practices, Spatial Wave™ constructs, markets, and supports industry leading GIS software designed with your organization in mind. Spatial Wave™ brings the benefits of mapping, GIS and geospatial processing within reach of any organization.

GIS-based mobile computing at its best. Replace paper road map books, atlas books, and rolls of as-built drawings with a compact, mobile computing platform designed for field use. Field crews can submit redlined maps to help GIS teams improve the accuracy of their GIS data. Automate field workflows such as Underground Service Alerts, Valve Turning, and Hydrant Flushing as well as many other types of field work.

Provide the benefits of GIS to your entire organization. View GIS maps with all sorts of data connected to the map. Connected data can come from practically any source, and can be presented in tabular form, as a chart, or in a formatted report. Powerful administrator tool allows complex data to be easily connected to GIS maps as well as to other data.

Simple document management with a strong GIS orientation. Combination of spatial and attribute search is easily performed, even by novice users. Integrations with Mapplet® and Field Mapplet® allow document repository to be made available from GIS maps to users in the field and office. Very handy as an as-built drawing repository for utility agencies.

Enterprise Service Program (ESP) is a consulting service program offered to assist customers to obtain the highest return on investment from their software solution and GIS implementation. The program includes, but is not limited to, the following elements:

  • Technical Specialist— Every account not only has a regional account manager, but also a technical specialist geared towards the needs of your unique account.
  • GIS environment analysis—Spatial Wave’s ESP will simplify the upkeep of your GIS technical environment.
  • Service Points —The flexible spending program allows points to be used for a corresponding value of any combination of project development, consulting services, advanced support services, and training.
  • Yearly account summit—This annual meeting will be held at Spatial Wave’s headquarters or onsite. The attendees will be those working the closest to your account, as well as project and account managers from Spatial Wave.
  • Special Webinars—Links to exclusive Webinars that give you tips on our products, new developments in the world of GIS that affect you, and other business related topics.

Changes can be made to the program to accommodate your varying needs. These will be discussed on a case per case basis.

ESP is a flexible and affordable program which is backed by experts with many years of experience in implementing GIS technology solutions in the water and wastewater industry. To learn about Spatial Wave’s ESP Program Elements, use the contact form below to request more information from Spatial Wave’s sales team.