Special Water Europe B.V. based in the Netherlands are experts on treatment of biofilm in different applications where water is used in the industry. After seven years of product development we have found a solution for better water care addressing the real cause: biofilm build up. Our products are made under ISO9001 2008 and most of them have Standard 60 registration (potable water). The products are used in the industry.

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Plesmanstraat 50 , Veenendaal , 3905 KZ Netherlands

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)

The Special Water Europe B.V. team, based in the Netherlands are experts in the field of environmentally friendly water treatment.
The patented technology behind Special Water Europe B.V. has proven to be revolutionary and years ahead of its time as it demonstrates consistent outstanding results.

The Special Water Europe B.V. team have succeeded in addressing the real cause of bacterial pollution by developing a range of products to mitigate biofilm in an environmentally friendly way, which until now was only achievable by using the harshest of chemicals, with their well documented disadvantages such as toxic action to the environment and corrosion causing properties.

Special Water products are not biocides and do not contain complicated organic compounds. They work simply by loosening the biofilm (slimy layers) from their substrate, to get and keep your disc filters clean.

Our products are so gentle that tests carried out on Special Water show no toxic effect on macro fauna or fish.

Special Water Europe B.V. offers you environmentally friendly water care solutions that works!

The Special Water treatment:
Special Water is a unique water treatment product for the industry. Special Water prevents bacterial re-growth resulting in better and much easier water maintenance 

Who is Special Water intended for?
Special Water is intended for anyone seeking simple, convenient, environmentally friendly and effective water/disc filter treatment and maintenance product for the industry 

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Costs saving
  • Time saving
  • No professional workers needed 
  • Clean whenever you want
  • No harsh chemicals needed 
  • Easy to use

How does Special Water work?
The operating principles of Special Water are unique compared to that applied by traditional water care products. Thus far, traditional sanitising products have been employed to destroy bacteria in the water. However, various scientific studies have demonstrated that 99% of bacteria do not actually live in the water but rather in the biofilm on a substrate (a living environment and culture medium for bacteria). This biofilm can be recognised as a slimy feeling mostly experienced at the edges and center of a Discfilter.

The manufacturer of Special Water, the Dutch company Special Water Europe B.V., has developed a pioneering and revolutionary approach. Instead of focusing on the destruction of bacteria present in the water and on the disc filters, Special Water Europe B.V. studied the behaviour of bacteria and their environment. Coming to the conclusion that traditional products cannot prevent the all important formation of biofilm, where bacteria feed, breed and shelter.

Pioneering water treatment technology
Special Water Europe B.V. has long-suspected that the solution to the cleanest and safest possible water was locked in with the behaviour of bacteria. After seven years of extensive research, water treatment was developed by studying the behaviour shown by bacteria in the water.

Special Water Europe B.V. pioneering water/filter treatment formula was produced to loosen the biofilm and prevent its re-growth. Scientific research has produced extensive evidence that this alternative approach to water treatment, i.e. addressing the bacterial living environment, is extraordinarily effective. By using Special Water , the culture medium, or living and feeding environment for bacteria is reduced, thereby reducing the need for water/filter maintenance products such as hypochlorite. Special Water remains one step ahead of the bacteria, by focusing on the core of the problem. Its preventive properties are found to block the re-growth and multiplication of bacteria.

Traditional water maintenance versus Special Water treatment
People who have to maintain Discfilters, are now using harsh chemicals to clean the filters and in many cases they can't do it themself. They rely on cleaning companies who are allowed to work with harsh chemicals. The costs are high for the maintenance and treatment of the filters, but till now there was no other solution. 

Special Water Europe B.V. has been developed with your safety in mind, as well as that of the environment. In addition, Special Water attaches great value to keeping things simple for you. Using Special Water could not be easier. Simply shake the can and add the correct dose of Special Water to the water.
You can keep it all in stock and you decide when it's time to clean your filters.

About the manufacturer
Special Water is a product developed and produced by Special Water Europe B.V., with its head office located in the Netherlands. A few years ago, Special Water Europe B.V. opened new branches overseas, including offices in Cincinnati (Ohio), a distribution centre in Statesville NC (US), Burlington (Canada), Russia and in Australia.

Special Water Europe B.V., specialises in the field of water maintenance. Special Water was developed after having completed seven years of extensive research and is now sold globally. 

The Netherlands and water
People from Holland are traditionally respectful to the power of water. After all, the majority of their country is below sea level. The Dutch storm surge barriers, dikes and polders are famous worldwide, as is the expertise of Dutch engineers in manipulating the water and its powers. Awareness of water, its uses and respect for the environment are vital issues for the Dutch society. That same respect for water, the expertise and understanding of its properties and behaviour are all deeply embedded in the psyche of Special Water Europe B.V.