Specialised Geo Pty Ltd

Specialised Geo Pty Ltd

Specialised Geo is an Australian owned company specialising in geotechnical solutions for civil, construction, mining and maintenance projects. We have particular expertise in working in difficult, hazardous and inaccessible sites throughout Australia.

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6/28 Glenwood Drive , Thornton , NSW Australia

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Service provider
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Regionally (various states or provinces)

Specialised Geo provides a wide selection of geotechnical solutions including:

• Rockfall protection
• Slope and ground stabilisation
• Rope access
• Mining safety
• Railway corridor protection.

Rockfall protection specialists

Rockfall protection options

To secure and stabilise surfaces, slopes and tunnels, Specialised Geo provides a complete range of rockfall protection systems including:

• Rockbolting
• Shotcreting
• Rockfall meshing
• Rock catch fences
• Rockfall barriers
• Rock splitting.

Slope and Ground Stabilisation Experts

Slope and ground stabilisation options

Our range of options for slope and ground stabilisation includes:

• Soil nailing
• Erosion control
• Dewatering and drainage drilling
• Grouting
• Latex membrane/Tekflex
• Shotcrete

Railway Corridor Protection Experts

Railway corridor protection methods

Some of the railway corridor protection methods utilised by Specialised Geo include:

• Bridge and tunnel repair
• Slope stabilisation
• Scaling and devegetation
• Platform repairs

Mining Safety Solutions

Mining safety methods

Some of the overarching mining safety methods utilised by Specialised Geo include:

• High wall stabilisation – new and existing
• Portal entry stabilisation
• Infrastructure protection

Rope Access Experts

Rope access options

The range of services where Specialised Geo may utilise rope access solutions include:

• Oil and gas maintenance
• Industrial rope access
• Concrete repair
• Scaling and devegetation
• Shotcreteing