Specialized Environmental Technology Trading EST(SETT)

Biologik specializes in the distribution and installation of high quality Biological product, Food Safety & Hygiene and Water Treatment Equipment & Solutions on all levels. BioLogik is a natural bacteria, bio-enzyme and green cleaning product company that services blue chip companies in key sectors within South Africa. That said we are also a growing global export presence with products utilized in the SADC region and the middle east.

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Service provider
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Environmental Management
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Globally (various continents)
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less than $1,000,000 US

Specialized Envioronmental Technology Trading EST

Fat, oil and grease generally solidify clogging associated pipe work further down the line

Sludge is costly and labour intensive to remove. Not to mention the carbon footprint.

Fat, oil and grease puts strain on machinery, increasing downtime and cost of repairs.

It also increase electricity with machinery having to run longer and harder to meet demand.

The increased fat, oil and grease often allows for greater odour pollutants.

Bio Solid – Waste Water Treatment

Reduces COD’s, BOD’s, Nitrates, Phosphates and Ammonia.

Drastically reduces odours.

30% to 60% reduction in sludge & suspended solids.

Reduces monthly equipment repairs and running cost.

Decrease in E-coli and coliforms. 


 Significantly reduces unpleasant smells and odours.
 Allows for 24 hour continuous treatment, not just periodic dosing.
 Greatly reduces labour time needed for dosage maintenance.
 Reduces hydrogen sulphide & sludge build up.
 Will  breakdown any fat, oil  & grease build up in tanks and associate pipework.
 Eliminates need for personnel to dose other types of treatments daily or weekly
 Easy to install – no special equipment or labour required so highly cost effective
 All strains are EEC Class 1. Product contains Bacillus bacteria in 100% spore form for extended product life
 Manufactured in accordance with recognised international quality standard ISO 9001


1)       Bio – Solid F Fats S sewage

2)       Bio – Liquid E Equipment Floor Liquid

3)       Bio – Liquid E E Equipment Floor Liquid

4)       Bio – Powder H Hydrocarbons P powder


And we would like to get a conformity certificate according to the standard No: Need info for this please concerning with:

 1) Good bacteria in solid, liquid and powder form, used to degrease (consume) organic fats – grease – oils – soaps, consume biofilm buildup on all surfaces – which also reduces flies and odors, to assist in killing off bad harmful bacteria to make foods and surfaces safe for eating and handling with carbon dioxide and water as bacteria byproducts.

2) Good bacteria’s, in powder form, used to consume hydrocarbons in Diesel, oils, petrol and grease, to decontaminate surfaces, spills and the like with bacteria byproducts being carbon dioxide and water.

1)       Bio – Solid FS

·         908 x 0.025kg ea with box weight 22.7kg

·         64 x 0.22kg ea with box weight 14.08kg

·         4 x 0.9kg with box weight 3.6kg

·         4 x 2.2kg with box weight 8.8kg

·         4 x 4.5kg with box weight 18.0kg

·         1 x 13.5kg with box weight 13.5kg

2)       Bio – Liquid EFL

·         1 x 208 Litre Drum with weight 210kg

3)       Bio – Liquid EVL

·         1 x 208l Drum with weight 210kg

4)       Bio – Powder HCP

·           1 x 11kg bucket


BIOLOGIK FOG BIO-BLOCK is a slow dissolve, bacterial-laden solid for use in degrading organic waste in higher flow systems such as lift stations, wet wells, etc. The safe, application-specific bacteria are present in high numbers to handle difficult organic problems. The unique block will dissolve gradually which allows for continuous treatment and degradation of waste. The naturally-occurring bacteria contained in the block will reduce odour, sludge, fats, oils and grease build-up.

Optimized proprietary bacterial consortium degrades a broader spectrum of substrates
Effectively breaks down fat, oils and grease and thereby eliminates malodours at source
Easy to install – no special equipment or labour required so highly cost effective
Continuous operation 24 hours per day, increases system efficiency
Degrades high concentration of waste and enhances BOD/ COD/TSS removal

Reduces sludge build-up helping to eliminate malodours such as hydrogen sulphide
Hydrogen sulfide increases not dependent on people or equipment for dosing; performance benefits over manually dosed systems
All strains are EEC Class 1. Product contains Bacillus bacteria in 100% spore form for extended product life
Manufactured in accordance with recognized international quality standard ISO 9001

  Wet Wells
• Waste Water Plants
• Septic Tanks
• Grey Water Systems
• Waste Pumps
• Oxidation Ditches
• Lift Stations
• Lagoons & Dams

5kg brick - 4 bio-solids per case
15kg brick - 1 bio-solids per case
(Shelf life of 24 months in an original unopened container).

BOD/COD and solids reduction

An application-specific bacterial product for effluent plant start up, upset recovery and promotion of biological floc formation; will also augment BOD/COD and solids reduction

BIOLOGIK Effluent Starter is an application specific blend of bacterial and fungal cultures selected to degrade a wide range of organic materials, especially cellulose and other plant derived materials. The fungi in the product will also stimulate the formation of biological flocs, quickly establishing biomass with the optimum separation characteristics within the plant.
This will improve:
• Industrial and municipal biological effluent plants during start-up and upset recovery
• BOD/COD and suspended solids reduction
• Biological treatment of starchy and cellulose containing wastes such as those from the food processing and pulp & paper industries.
• For start-up and upset recovery in:
- Municipal and industrial
biological waste water plants.
- Small packaged sewage plants.
• For augmentation of system
treating effluents containing a lot of
cellulosic material:
- Fruit and vegetable processing
- Pulp and paper mills
• For improvement of BOD/COD and suspended solids removal in poorly operating biological effluent plants.
Advantages of Biologik Bio-Effluent Starter
Optimised, application-specific, proprietary bacterial consortium.
Addition of specially selected fungal strains to encourage biological floc formation and the aid of cellulose degrading.
Bacillus species 100% in spore from providing long product shelf life
Manufactured in accordance with recognized international standards, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

floc formation;
• Recent research on the microbial make-up of the flocs in waste water treatment plants has shown that bacteria use fungal filaments (mycelium or hyphae) as a substratum to grow on to form the more familiar bacteria dominated floc.
• Microscopic analysis of mature flocs shows a dense core containing the remnants of fungal hyphae.
• Fungi appear to have a structure-enhancing role of in the formation of aerobic sludge flocs, and to maintain that role even to the point where the sludge is very mature: the fungi are never completely overgrown or eliminated from the flocs.
• The dead remnants of organisms called ‘ciliates’ are found to form the backbone of flocs in other wastewater sludges. Ciliates are single or multicellular higher life forms more complex in structure than bacteria or fungi, in that they are motile (able to actively move) and have a primitive digestive system.
• Ciliates are impossible to store in either liquid or dry products and therefore are not an option for an effluent treatment additive.
• Fungal spores are much more stable than ciliates, can be preserved in a dry powder formulation and offer an alternative method of rapidly achieving the correct sludge characteristics when added to an effluent treatment plant either at start-up or during upset recovery.
cellulose degradation:
• The fungi in Effluent Starter are also much more powerful cellulose degrading organisms than bacteria, meaning as well as providing structure to flocs, they also increase the ability of a biomass to reduce paper, or cellulose fibres in vegetable processing or pulp and paper effluents, for example.
• Cellulose is a linear polymer found in plants composed only of D-glucose molecules all linked the same way, called -1,4
glycosidic bonds.
• Also within the plant structural fibre are hemicelluloses, a more complex polymer consisting of many different sugars including D- xylose, D-mannose, L-arabinose, D-galacturonic and D-glucuronic acids linked together by two different bond types.
• Micro-organisms capable of degrading cellulose produce a series of enzymes with different activities. The enzymes generally known as ‘cellulases’ includes various enzymes that release two glucose cellobiose molecules. The cellobiose molecules are broken down by another very specific enzyme.
• So, to fully degrade cellulose, a micro-organism must produce a range of different enzymes The most active cellulolytic microbes are fungi including Trichoderma which is present in Effluent Starter.
• Multiple enzymes are also required to mineralize hemicelluloses: the breakdown of the most common hemicellulose, xylan, requires four different enzymes. The most powerful xylan degrading microbes are Trichoderma and Aspergillus, as found in Effluent Starter.
• Bio-augmentation of the microflora with active cellulose and hemicellulose degrading fungi will increase the extent, and reduce the time for cellulose biodegradation to occur.general COD/BOD; predominantly plant derived materials: vegetable fibre, cellulose, hemi- cellulose, B-glucans, xylans, amyloses and starches
also protein and volatile fatty acids

Aspirator Aerator


Aspirator Aerator: The Industry Workhorse Since 1974 Now – 62,000 units later – it’s become the proven performance leader all over the world. A partial list of its advantages shows why: Superior horizontal mixing High oxygen transfer Easy installation Dependable, extended service life Low maintenance Highly energy-efficient Superior winter performance No aerosols Simplifies retrofits and upgrades Elegant design makes operation simple and effective products aerator The rotating propeller (1) forces water outward horizontally past the end of the shaft at high velocity. This creates a vacuum drawing air down the shaft (4) into the water. Above the water line, atmospheric air is drawn through intake ports (3) travels through the hollow drive shaft and disperses in a large plume throughout the water. Being diffused into fine bubbles – about 2.0 mm diameter – the oxygen has extended contact time with the water. The size of the plume (2) varies with the size of the aspirator/aerator which can be from two to 100 HP. Properly positioned, these units can create a “flow linkage” that delivers mixing and oxygen dispersion evenly and thoroughly throughout an entire basin regardless of its size or shape. Dead spots are eliminated.
products mixer Triton Aerator EPA-defined “Fine Bubble” Aeration, less than 2.2mm in size. Superior mixing capabilities, from 1.5 – 10 m deep. Reduced energy consumption can result in up to 50% electrical savings. Low speed 730rpm operation extends aerator life, dramatically improves mixing, and ensures quiet operation. No aerosols, splashing, or released pathogens into the air, eliminates odors.  Float, bridge, or wall mounting. Minimum maintenance, simple mechanical design with few wear parts. Community friendly, quiet operation at less than 70 decibels at 1m. Up to five year warranty, depending on application. Available in 4 through 55 kw sizes, and worldwide voltage, phase and HZ combinations. No gearbox Surfacemounted 45 kw WWTW Triton Aerators 3 x 15 KW Aerators

Biologik floor cleaner


Biologik floor cleaner is a liquid concentrate for the use as a biologically-based floor cleaner. This unique formulation combines eco-friendly chemistry and application-specific bacteria to offer an innovative way of cleaning a wide variety of floor, surfaces. The product contains an effective blend of bacillus organisms plus a lipase enzyme, all of which have been selected for accelerated degradation of organic material that builds up on floor surfaces over time. The bacteria have been selected for their ability to degrade organic compounds such as grease, fats, proteins, starch and sugars. The lipase enzyme addition provides an effective boost for hydrolyzing fats, oils and greases. Continued use of Biologik floor cleaner in residential, institutional and industrial floor cleaning applications provides a safe and efficient way of maintaining clean floors.


 Superior fully formulated with focus on high performance cleaning and degreasing
Advanced chemistry ensures immediate and effective cleaning
Addition of lipase ensures faster degradation of FOG residue
Product continues to degrade organic matter by biological action post-cleaning
Product prevents grease from resurfacing thus preventing dangerous, slippery floor conditions
Product provides additional advantages in biological drain maintenance
Product is safe for users and the environment
Neutral PH
No rinsing required

All types of floors and surfaces


5l & 25l drums
Dilution rate is 10 litres of water to 1 litre of concentrate.

iologik General Purpose Cleaner


Biologik General Purpose Cleaner is unique biological cleaner combining chemistry application-specific beneficial bacteria to offer an innovative way of cleaning a wide variety of hard surfaces such as toilet bowls, sinks, bathroom fixtures, bathroom floors, etc. it is available in a dilutable concentrate (10X) and a ready to use product.


Biologik General Purpose Cleaner contains an effective blend of Bacillus organisms, selected specifically for accelerated degradation of organic material that builds up on surfaces overtime.

The specific Bacillus strains have been selected for their ability to degrade organic compounds such as grease, fats, proteins, starch and complex carbohydrates.

The beneficial bacteria penetrate deep into tiny imperfections and pores where persistent dirt hides, continuing to work long after the product is applied.

Continued use in residential, institutional and industrial provides a safe and efficient way of cleaning, deodorising, and removing stains on surfaces and continues to work whilst soiling is present.
Superior fully formulated product Produces high-performance cleaning of all types of hard surfaces (excluding food preparation surfaces)
Optimised proprietary bacterial consortium. Degrades a broader spectrum of substrates including grease, fats, proteins, starch and complex carbohydrates.
Multi-surfactant combination. Ensures highly effective cleaning
Ideally suited to washroom and lavatory applications: includes a modern highly biodegradable scale control package that is highly-effective at reducing scales associated with hard water.
The product bacteria can degrade uric salts that otherwise contribute to scale and malodour
Application-specific bacteria degrade a wide range of dirt, soiling and other organic matter and continue to work whilst soiling is present
Removes sources of odour and achieves complete bacterial degradation of trapped organic matter, then adds pleasant fragrance. Thereby creating pleasant washroom experience
Readily biodegradable, low toxicity formulae. Minimises environmental impact
Modern bacteria-compatible chemistry for maximum product performance. Optimises performance of bacteria due to the unique combination of chemistry and application-specific bacteria
Long product shelf life due to stability of Bacillus spores. Creates reliable, long-lasting, high-performance
Manufactured in accordance with recognised international standards, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Ensures consistent quality of product.

All types of hard surfaces, particularly in bathrooms
Car Seats

Shake well before use. For surfaces, dilute with water at a rate of 1:10 into a spray bottle. Spray onto surface, wipe using a microfibre cloth.

For floors; dilute into a bucket of water and mop floor as normal.
Technical specifications:

targeted compounds
wide range of organic compounds including proteins, starches, cellulose and fats, oils and greases
bacterial type
Bacillus spore blend
formula properties
turbid, light brown liquid with surfactant odor
performance properties
effective pH range:

temperature range:

Available in 5, 25, 200 litre pack sizes

(Shelf life of 24 months in an original unopened container).

OVERVIEW:  Biologik Bio-Urinal cubes deliver large numbers of application-specific organic waste-degrading bacteria. The cubes also contain the latest eco-friendly scale prevention technology to reduce inorganic and organic scale build-up in urinals, trap


Biologik Bio-Urinal cubes deliver large numbers of application-specific organic waste-degrading bacteria.
The cubes also contain the latest eco-friendly scale prevention technology to reduce inorganic and organic scale build-up in urinals, traps associated pipe work.
The removal of this scale prevents the formation of odors at source.
Experience has shown that the frequency of urinal flushing can be reduced, possibly as far as one to two service flushes per day, offering the opportunity for significant water cost savings.
Each Bio-Urinal cube weighs 33 grams is approximately 30mm in each dimension.
Dosing: One Bio-urinal cube is placed in each urinal and will last 2-6 weeks. In case of troughs, approximately every 50cm, and then change every 2-6 weeks or when cube has been reduced to less than one quarter of the original size.
During use the cube slowly dissolves, delivering a combination of application-specific bacteria and eco-friendly scale prevention technology which, in combination, massively reduces inorganic and organic scale in urinals, traps and associated pipe work.
Note that this product is not intended to compete directly with traditional chemical (PDCB) toss blocks where a pile of blocks is placed in each urinal and is then replaced frequently.
The Bio-urinal Cubes are scientifically formulated so that one cube treats one urinal for up to 6 weeks.

Allows for 24 hour continuous treatment, not just periodic dosage
Greatly reduces labor time needed for dosage maintenance
Reduces hydrogen sulfide & prevention of struvite scale
Easy to use
Significantly reduces malodors
Cost effective & reduces the need for pump-outs
Eliminates need for metering pump – no initial (pumps) or maintenance cost
Eliminates need for personnel to dose other types of treatments daily or weekly
Easy to install – no special equipment or labour required so highly cost effective
All strains are EEC Class 1. Product contains Bacillus bacteria in 100% spore form for extended product life
Manufactured in accordance with recognised international quality standard ISO 9001
Inorganic Scale:

Inorganic scale is a much more complex science, consisting of simple compounds from the flush water such as calcium carbonate (the scale found in kettles in hard water areas) plus more complex inorganic combinations, such as struvite.

Struvite is a compound called magnesium ammonium phosphate.

The magnesium and phosphate are present in the water and the ammonia comes from breakdown of the compounds in urine.

The scale forms as a regular lattice, represented by the brown balls in the right hand diagram above.

Rather than attempting to bind every inorganic scale forming element, Bio-Urinal cubes contain a scale prevention technology.

The scale prevention material is represented as the blue lines in the right hand diagram above.

It lies within the scale structure (brown balls) preventing the formation of rigid scale lattice, as would occur in an untreated situation (right hand diagram).

Although some deposits may still form, they are soft in nature and are more easily remove by cleaning or by the flush water.

Prevention of struvite scale

The scale prevention technology prevents the formation of simple and complex inorganic scales; a few parts per million of the active substance resulted in a 94% reduction in struvite formation.
Technical specifications:

targeted compounds
Organic and inorganic scale, uric acid
bacterial count
1.0e8 cfu/gram
bacterial type
Bacillus spores
formula properties
Green cube with fragrance
performance properties
One cube lasts 2-6 weeks
1 tub containing 50 cubes or singular cubes

Hydrocarbon Treatment

Hydrocarbon Treatment is a unique blend of different bacteria strains used to effectively degrade both aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbon Treatment reinforces or augments the natural biological process.

It uses a bioremediation approach to aid in the degradation of the various pollutants found in the water supply by becoming the dominant force within water and soil systems.


         Bacteria Type: Bacillus and microorganism blend
         Form: Powder
      Appearance: Tan
      Odour: mild-earthy
         Effective PH. Range: 5 – 9.5
         Effective Temperature Range: 12 – 65°C
         Shelf Life: 18 Months

         Waste water plants
         Oxidation ditches
         Soil & water remediation
         Waste pumps
         Holding tanks
         Activated sludge
         Reactors & contactors


         Crude Oils
         Diesel Fuel
         Heptachlor Phenols
         Nitro phenols

Dilute 300g of Biologik Hydrocarbon to 20 litres of water and apply to area that requires treatment within 2 hours of mixing.

One application of 300g would treat 35m3 of water containing hydrocarbons. Strength of solution may vary based on application and hydrocarbon loading.


Overview:Odours are a major problem in many situations. Products such as air fresheners are generally perfumes that use a strong, pleasant smell to mask the bad odour, but they usually work for only a short time and are easily overpowered. A range of chemical odour counteractant technologies have been developed and are now used in major retail brands.  However, Bio Logik has taken the best of these technologies and combined it with bacteria, which gives a three pronged attack on odour problems:

• The fragrance already present helps to immediately reduce the malodour.

• The unique chemical odour counteractant then binds any existing odour molecules, preventing them from being detected by the nose.

• The   application-specific   bacteria   in   the   product   produce extracellular enzymes that degrade organic matter such as  proteins in the application area. The products of this degradation are then taken into the bacteria cells and used for growth.    The slow breakdown of these materials, which would otherwise result in the formation of many malodourous compounds, cannot occur and the odour is prevented at the source. This bacteria has also been proven capable of the degradation of volatile fatty acids (VFA’s).

 Superior fully formulated with focus on high performance
Advanced chemistry ensures immediate and effective cleaning
Product continues to degrade organic matter by biological action post-cleaning
Product prevents grease from resurfacing thus preventing dangerous, slippery floor conditions
Product is safe for users and the environment
Neutral PH
No rinsing required
Applications:·      Odour Control for: Washrooms, Carpets, Fabric care

·      Vehicle Interiors

·      Sports equipment

·      Shoes

·      Refuse collection areas

·      Pet areas, cages & pens

·      Agricultural production facilities

·     Highly effective against spoiled food, fish, cigarette smoke & other odourous compounds

targeted compounds
wide range of malodourous organic compounds including ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, volatile fatty acids and  mercaptans

also degradation of proteins, starches, cellulose and  fats, oils and  greases
bacterial type
Bacillus spore blend
formula properties
fragranced version – turbid, straw colored liquid with fresh fragrance un-fragranced version – turbid, straw colored liquid with natural odour
performance properties
effective pH range:

temperature range:

available  in 500ml, 1,25,200 litre pack  sizes

(Shelf life of 24 months in an original unopened container).

We specialize in providing complete energy-efficie nt, compact turnkey waste water treatment solutions throughout Africa.

All our water treatment plants are custom designed, manufactured and constructed in the highest quality of materials, as well as the supply of necessary chemicals.
We have successfully distributed superior quality waste water treatment products throughout Africa for many years.

With the growing need to recycle waste water for reuse we have spent a lot of time and resources researching and developing a wide range of products that enable us to treat  99% of the waste water produced through various industries today.

With collective organizational experience of over 35 years we are able to provide you with the latest of advancements in technology and quality of solutions to meet your waste water and water reuse requirements.

Our Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets are the most accurate of dosing tablets yet with even and consistent dissolution with no wastage, clogging or sludge build up for bulk water treatment at a fraction of the running costs experienced when compared to the alternative tablets on the market of which can be used in any dosing system in the market.

We are revolutionizing the bulk water treatment industry due to all the benefits in using this our unique formulation to dose Calcium Hypochlorite chips at ultra low running costs.

Why Calcium Hypochlorite?

Calcium Hypochlorite has become a very popular disinfectant in many industries. Unfortunately if it is not applied correctly, it appears to be inconsistent and unreliable.

The Science

Calcium Hypochlorite (Ca(OCl)2) is the main disinfecting product used which has been proven and shown to be the most cost effect and safe system to use as far as disinfection and sanitation.

When mixed with water, Calcium Hypochlorite forms what is known as a Hypochlorous Acid. This is what kills bacteria’s, not the Chlorine alone.

The reasoning is, the bacteria sees water and Hypochlorous Acid as the same (H20 and HOCl have the same alignment with a small degree of difference between the bonds, making the bacteria think it is coming into contact with water) (Lamens Terms) resulting in the bacteria being killed and oxidized.

The Hypochlorous acid is also extremely effective in the breaking down of protein due to the chlorine and Nitrogen neutralizing each other upon impact. It completely breaks these bonds down and if it is sprayed directly on meats, poultry, fish, plants, fruits etc is also has the ability (because of the Calcium content) to regenerate the cell wall structure of the product, allowing for longer shelf life. This is just another benefit in using Calcium Hypochlorite as a disinfectant.

Unlike other chips on the market our tablets have been designed to dramatically reduce “Spikes” and has the ability to dissolve at a greater rate if constant flow over the chips can be maintained.

The other disadvantage is that if the granules or chips do not mix completely, then a residue of sludge and lumps collects in which ever environment the product is being used. This way of chlorinating is not only inefficient but also a financially expensive alternative.

Saving you time, money and peace of mind whatever your application may be.