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  • Dewatering & Mobile Wastewater Equipment Rental

    Spectrum Water provides unique and innovative equipment to industry for dewatering, solid-liquid separation and water purification. Spectrum rents, leases and sells to a variety of service, processing, manufacturing and environmental industries. The Spectrum Water staff has many years of experience in the manufacturing of dewatering equipment, and in the application of technologies for most effective and economical dewatering means. Historically, there are many techniques for dewatering slud

  • Divided Phase Separator

    Divided Phase Separator

    The Divided Phase Separator is a roll-off container with a stainless steel screen covering the entire inside of the container. The Divided Phase Separator, or Turbo, has a patented middle wall designed to increase surface area by 33%, thereby increasing dewatered sludge by 50%, essentially reducing transportation costs by 50%. There is a drain space between the wall and screen. A disposable cloth or screen is installed as a liner and the...

  • Fixed Filter Phase Separator

    Fixed Filter Phase Separator

    A dewatering device that is: SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE, INEXPENSIVE, and SAFE. The Phase Separator with fixed filter panels is a dewatering unit used for polymer treated and certain types of coarse or non-sticking materials. The material is put into the container, the filter retains the solids, and the liquid drains through the filter and out the drains at the back door. When the solids are dewatered, the container is picked up by a roll-off truck and hauled...

  • Solids Removal and Concentrating Unit

    Solids Removal and Concentrating Unit

    The Solids Removal Concentrating Unit and Clarifier is a linear solids removal unit that acts as a thickener and in the process of removing solids, also acts as a clarifier of liquid streams. This design is patented by Spectrum in three different countries: US, Canada, and Mexico. The intent, design, and function of the Solids Removal Concentrating Unit and Clarifier is focused on the solids handling problems encountered in flowing liquids...