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Sphera Training

  • Training Services

    Training Services

    In order to help you succeed sustainably, thinkstep offers a wide range of shared or tailored sustainability-focused training courses and workshops, from the introductory level all the way up to masterclass training.

  • GaBi Training

  • Introduction to Sustainability and LCA

    Introduction to Sustainability and LCA

    Maximize your company's product portfolio through Product Sustainability with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Training. Revenues from sustainable products or services are growing up to six times faster than their 'normal' equivalents according to new research from IRRCi.

  • GaBi Jump Start Training

    GaBi Jump Start Training

    Accelerate product sustainability initiatives with GaBi Jump Start Training. GaBi transforms data into sustainability metrics that support decision-making and enable companies to quickly implement high impact sustainability initiatives.

  • GaBi Intermediate Training

    GaBi Intermediate Training

    GaBi training sessions are an excellent way to quickly and efficiently learn the capabilities, functionalities and short cuts of using the software and related databases. Building on your existing GaBi knowledge, this intermediate level training will take you one step further. We will look deeper into life cycle methods and specific GaBi features that will accelerate your learning.

  • GaBi Advanced Training

    GaBi Advanced Training

    At thinkstep we are continually looking for ways to make sure you are getting the best out of your GaBi product sustainability software. Aimed at existing users, this training provides attendees with valuable tips and techniques to advance their product modelling and GaBi Software skills. In addition, we will look deeper into life cycle methods and highlight specific GaBi features that will accelerate your LCA work.

  • Client-Specific GaBi Training

    Client-Specific GaBi Training

    The client-specific GaBi training is tailored to include methodology topics and modelling techniques specific to your projects and needs.

  • LCA & GaBi Coaching

    LCA & GaBi Coaching

    Expert Service Packages are a great way to get on-demand expert modelling and project support when you need it most, namely while you are working on a project. You will be assigned a qualified thinkstep expert who directly assists you with your LCA task; no matter if it's your first steps with GaBi or a complex ISO- compliant report. We provide assistance either via web-conferencing sessions or personal meetings with you and your project team.