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  • Operational Risk

  • Sphera - Incident Management Software

    Sphera - Incident Management Software

    Incident Managment is an integral part of the Sphera Operational Risk Solution. Our solution helps you capture, track, investigate, report and analyze incidents and near-miss events, and also control operational risks, improve safety performance and sustain learning. We provide insight into the repeatable organizational behaviors and leading key performance indicators (KPIs) that drive superior results.

  • Sphera - Maintenance, Repair & Operations Software

    Sphera - Maintenance, Repair & Operations Software

    Sphera leverages a unique set of MRO data methodologies, software, content, and community of experts to help you deliver the right part, in the right quanity, at the right time, to the right specifications, for the right price. Align your maintenance and reliability with your operations goals for sustainable growth.

  • Sphera - Risk Assessment Software

    Sphera - Risk Assessment Software

    Investments are often put on hold in an uncertain business environment or when companies dont have a good handle on the risks facing their organization. On the flip side, when savvy organizations have a thorough understanding of all relevant risks, they are able to adopt appropriate risk management strategies - avoid, mitigate, insure or accept - and pace themselves with a risk balanced mindset, while providing full transparency to all its...

  • Sphera - Quality Risk Management Software

    Sphera - Quality Risk Management Software

    A standardized process is essential to manage inherent quality risks in design and manufacturing. Our Quality Risk solution helps you strengthen and improve your quality processes. It provides you with the platform you need to create knowledge-driven, data-centric quality specifications and control plans that are consistent across the enterprise and helps you effectively conduct proactive risk assessment methodologies such as Failure Modes and Effects...

  • Environmental Performance

  • Sphera - Chemical Inventory Management Software

    Sphera - Chemical Inventory Management Software

    Establish effective hazardous materials programs founded on accurate chemical inventory. Sphera’s Chemical Inventory Management solution makes it easy to track inventory information for use in satisfying related regulatory requirements. With it, you can accurately know the amounts and locations of the materials you have on hand at any given time across sites, and perform all the complex calculations demanded by...

  • Sphera - Compliance Assurance Software

    Sphera - Compliance Assurance Software

    Manage accountability and ensure industry, regional and corporate compliance. Sphera’s solution reduces your compliance burden and certifies that required regulatory actions are being executed across all facilities and jurisdictions – from the plant floor to the executive suite.

  • Sphera - Emissions Management Software

    Sphera - Emissions Management Software

    Turn environmental reporting into a competitive advantage. Sphera enables your organization to consolidate environmental reporting practices into a single solution and manage the full spectrum of emissions, waste and water discharges. This unified approach streamlines data management, reduces errors, eliminates redundant data entry and transforms environmental management into competitive advantage.

  • Sphera - High Frequency Data Collection Software

    Sphera - High Frequency Data Collection Software

    Efficiently manage operational data against regulatory limits and continuously improve performance. Overcoming EHS data challenges with smarter technology and processes. Gathering process data for compliance reporting is a tangled technological task - the range of operating data, pollutant parameters and other elements captured in facility level information systems is massive. In most companies, current protocols for data collection,...

  • Sphera - Refrigerant Compliance Software

    Sphera - Refrigerant Compliance Software

    Sphera's solution helps you with your refrigerant compliance related activities including accurate usage, leak repairs, verification tests and disposal tracking. We help you comply with a variety of regulations including Title VI, Clean Air Act, Toxic Release Inventory, California AB 32 and Federal Halocarbon Regulations (Canada).