Spill Center, Inc.

Spill Center, Inc.

Spill Center is an Environmental Claims/Spill Management Company specializing in helping spill generators in the transportation industry control costs and limit liability arising from accidental releases of hazmat, diesel fuel and other regulated materials. Our expertise includes: Environmental/safety regulatory compliance, Emergency spill response management, Claims resolution, negotiation and settlement.

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Spill Center is a nationwide, 24-hour emergency resource dedicated to reducing environmental liability for companies that become spill generators. With a single call or visit to the Spill Center Website, www.spillcenter.com, spill generators can find cleanup contractors, complete all required regulatory reports and thoroughly document incidents.

Spill Center provides immediate spill management and required documentation, comprehensive regulatory expertise, clean-up contractor referral, invoice auditing and a proven method designed to place the spill generator in a legally defensible position – all in a low-cost way proven to control costs and limit liability.

As the leading and most trusted Environmental Claims Management Company in North America, Spill Center helps fixed-facilities, shippers, transporters, chemical companies and insurers control costs and limit liability arising from accidental releases of HAZMAT, diesel fuel and other regulated materials.

Our expertise includes:

  • Environmental regulatory compliance
  • Emergency spill response management and documentation
  • Claims resolution, negotiation and settlement

Spill Center’s expertise in spill management and environmental claims handling has helped hundreds of clients in the transportation, chemical and insurance industries. They count on us to help get past spill incidents and avoid fines and penalties for non-compliance with reporting regulations. We know who to report the spill to.

Spill Center was founded in 1990 on the premise that no company will ever have enough spills to get good at managing them efficiently and cost-effectively. Spill Center deals with environmental releases every day on behalf of clients. By managing spills in jurisdictions throughout the country, we have learned what works and what saves money. We have developed highly efficient systems for spill response, documentation and reporting as well as nationwide cleanup contractor referrals and disposal resources.

Clients rely on Spill Center to provide expertise in spill management and regulatory matters to avoid fines and penalties for non-compliance with local, state and federal environmental reporting rules and minimize cleanup costs and potential liability.

Spill Center Compliance Associates are on call 24/7, every day of the year. They fill out more than 300 US DOT Incident Report Forms each month as part of Spill Center’s program of spill-related services for clients – more incident reports for clients than any other organization in the country.

The Spill Center program was developed to help level the playing field for spill generators who are forced to deal with regulatory authorities, cleanup contractors and third-party claimants. Our clients range from the largest truckload, LTL and private fleets, to small fleets, chemical, environmental and insurance companies and truck leasing companies.

Spill Center has been helping carriers, shippers, truck leasing & rental companies, chemical companies and insurers contain costs and limit liability related to environmental spills since 1990.

Spill Center’s support program is designed to help spill generators deal with spill emergencies without expending their own resources to build and maintain a spill emergency response system.

Spill Center helps clients control costs and limit liability after spills requiring emergency clean up in a variety of ways:

  • Customized Spill Contingency Plan is tailored to each client’s needs with detailed spill-handling and reporting instructions to facilitate the proper handling of spills, even at night, on weekends and on holidays, anywhere in North America.
  • Trained Compliance Associates staff a Spill Hotline 24/7 to activate the client’s contingency plan in the event of a spill and take steps to initiate site cleanup and remediation. Spill Center’s staff includes legal, technical and environmental specialists.
  • Avoid Fines and Penalties for failure to make required incident reports within the mandatory reporting window. Spill Center maintains a database of current local, state/provincial and federal reporting requirements for jurisdictions throughout North America to determine which reports must be completed following spills and when. That means no more wading through screen after screen of regulations on government websites searching for information.
  • Find Responders Sooner using Spill Center’s Cleanup Contractor database with information on more than 3,000 pre-qualified environmental contractors throughout North America. Clients can find contactors they want, where and when they want. Contractor capabilities, equipment inventories and insurance coverages are also on file.
  • Save Time and Money because fleet, safety and operations personnel can access and use the Internet-based system at any time from any location. Call-lists, contractors, reporting requirements, product information, forms and instructions – even electronic messaging – are available in one secure place for instant access.
  • Avoid problems because Spill Center services are designed to enable clients to maintain a sound system of internal controls to manage hazmat materials and spill response processes. Thorough documentation of all reporting and remediation activities performed on behalf of clients is maintained to limit environmental liability and establish legal defense against any third-party claims that might arise from spills.
  • Proprietary Automated Systems developed by Spill Center track incidents, produce standard and customized reports to identify conditions and trends and generate root- cause-analysis data for spill generators. The information can be used to improve safety.
  • Invoice Auditing Service is available for expert review of charges from cleanup contractors, emergency responders and other service providers to ensure fair pricing (compared to accepted standards) and accuracy. Any inflated charges are negotiated down by Spill Center compliance associates.
  • Advanced Hazmat Security via Spill Center’s custom hazmat tracking and integrated communications system, which combines satellite tracking technology, wireless communications, online access and specialized databases. Real-time monitoring of hazmat shipments provides improved security of hazardous materials and rapid response to incidents.