SpillCop, Inc.

SpillCop, Inc.

SpillCop, Inc.

SpillCop, Inc. is a software company that provides an Emergency Spill Response system which automates environmental investigation and incident handling. SpillCop delivers unrivaled emergency spill management capabilities. Our premier software product, SpillCop Exchange, is your internet connection to emergency response and spill incident management. SpillCop, Inc. was formed to address the gap that was apparent in emergency spill management.

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13400 Sutton Park Drive South, Suite 1501 , Jacksonville , FL 32224 USA
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Water and Wastewater
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Nationally (across the country)
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Its 2:00am and your phone rings. A spill just occurred and you need to respond. You log onto the Internet from your house and go to SpillCop Exchange and enter in the key incident information like where the spill occurred, spill type, etc. The system alerts you to a list of qualified hazardous materials clean-up contractors in a 50 mile radius of the spill. You quickly select one and assign them to the incident. After your initial contact and verification that they are at the spill site, you now can assess the situation. The contractor can now enter their planned remediation activities and expenses into the system for your approval, or you may want them to have our national SpillCop Resource Center (SRC) do it for them. The system alerts you to the average cost for labor and material to help with your negotiations. You now have control of the situation and as the remediation activities go forward, you manage, control, and communicate with SpillCop Exchange to end the emergency.

You have minimized all the risk by acting quickly, reduced the damage to the environment, and saved money by better negotiating expenses. Regulatory compliance reporting is done automatically for you to the NRC, DOT, or EPA. Now its time to reconcile expenses. The invoice for remediation expenses were quickly approved by you because of the system's Pre-invoice verification feature. Now its time to go back to bed.

SpillCop's mission is to provide its clients with emergency spill and remediation activity management to minimize risk and reduce damage to the environment.  SpillCop's objective is accomplished by providing a rapid response environment, automating mundane activities and saving money through its use to better negotiate and contain expenses.

SpillCop, Inc. was formed to address the gap that was apparent in emergency spill management.  In 2001, the design team, with its proven track record of building successful software companies and combined extensive experience of over 30 years in related industry expertise of Emergency Spill Response for Hazardous Material, began developing the product, SpillCop Exchange.  The product has been in production use since early 2002.  Initially, the product was designed to address mobile or truck transportation environmental incidents with clients being property and casualty insurance companies and the self-insured.  Close attention has been applied to include federal regulatory compliance with the NRC and use of standards such as the U.S. Coast Guard's CHRIS codes for the selection of materials in a spill.  The current design activity now includes rail and marine applications.

The goal of SpillCop is to become the environmental incident management standard in the industry for all modes of transportation.  Future features will automate the less complex spills by predetermining what services should be applied to a spill.  Additionally, national averages on cost and time will be available for those predetermined services.